Electricity bills hit $ 17,000 in Texas after storm

Gov. Greg Abbott disagreed with high prices for electric service after thousands of homes went dark SERVICES. the Texas Electrical Reliability Council underestimated the amount of power it would need. | Photo: Efe. They kept the lights off, limited the use of electronic devices and barely watched television, except for late-night news about the winter […]

Difficult path to reform? Immigration Reform will meet with strong Republican opposition, this is what is required to pass it

What it takes to pass Biden’s immigration reform The ‘ambitious’ reform has already been presented in Congress, this is what is needed to pass it Biden’s reform will meet strong opposition. Will it get passed? Last Thursday, Democratic leaders presented Joe Biden’s ambitious immigration reform in the House of Representatives and the Senate, but what […]

“Have a sandwich, friend”, Ivanka Trump ‘brags’ her husband Jared Kushner but only draws criticism for his ‘scrawny’ body

Ivanka Trump discovered sunbathing with her husband on Miami beach Carefree? Former presidential adviser basks in the sun as thousands were affected by the winter storm In a white nightgown, hat, glasses and her husband in ‘underwear’, Trump’s daughter enjoyed the sun They discover the controversial daughter of Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump sunbathing with her […]

Covid-19: Nice soon fixed on its fate, the rest of the country “at the foot of the wall”

Reinforced curfew or confinement on weekends? The Alpes-Maritimes are preparing to undergo a new turn of the screw to “stem the epidemic” of Covid-19, particularly virulent in this department. After consultation with elected officials, the Alpes-Maritimes prefecture announced on Sunday that it had sent proposals for measures, without specifying which ones, to the government. The […]