Thursday, February 25

Prince Harry and Meghan lose their last official titles

Anxious to acquire their financial independence and to protect themselves from media pressure, the couple caused a thunderclap last year by withdrawing from official life.

Effective at the end of last March, this decision was to be reviewed after one year.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have confirmed to Her Majesty The Queen that they will not be active members of the Royal Family again“, indicates the palace in a press release.

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Following conversations with the Duke, the Queen has written to confirm that by renouncing the work related to membership of the Royal Family it is not possible to continue to exercise the responsibilities and duties inherent in a life in the public service“, he added.

The titles will therefore be returned and distributed among the other members of the family.

Although everyone is saddened by their decision, the Duke and Duchess remain much loved members of the family“, underlined the palace.

Harry, 36, will lose his military titles, especially in the Royal Marines to which he was very attached after having served in Afghanistan, as well as his representative function for the Rugby Federation.

Meghan Markle will lose her charitable patronages, notably at the National Theater in London.

As their work over the past year has shown, the Duke and Duchess remain committed to their duty and service in the UK and the rest of the world, and have continued to support the organizations they represent which whatever their official role“, reacted a spokesperson for the couple.

Harry and Meghan, with their son Archie, are settled in California and have signed contracts with the platforms Netflix and Spotify.

After the former actress announced that she had recently suffered a miscarriage, the couple revealed on Sunday that they are expecting a second child.

He must explain his decision to cut ties with the royal family in a long interview with the star of the confession interview Oprah Winfrey, which will be broadcast on March 7 on American television.

The breakup comes as Prince Philip, 99, husband of the Queen and Harry’s grandfather, was hospitalized in London after becoming unwell.


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