Thursday, February 25

Controversy after the deprogramming of a TV movie with Richard Berry on France 3

Has the France Televisions group decided to deprogram a TV movie with Richard Berry on the grounds that her eldest daughter, Coline Berry-Rojtman, accuses her of incest towards her when she was a child? To this question, Anne Holmes, the director of the group’s fiction, answers in the negative.

If the viewers of France 3 did not attend, Friday, February 12, a replay of the TV movie Damien’s Law (with Richard Berry) but to that of Julien’s Law (with Jean-Pierre Darroussin), it is not to inflict a “Punishment” to the offending actor, but for the sake of ” protect “ “All the protagonists”. “I made this decision with all my emotion, believing I was doing the right thing”, pleads the head of the public audiovisual group.

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This sudden deprogramming went unnoticed until Hervé Temime, the actor’s lawyer, was moved by it in the France 5 “C to you” program, of which he was a guest, on Tuesday February 16. “Is that the presumption of innocence?” “, he wondered, live, in front of the incredulous gaze of his interlocutors.

“A full presumption of innocence”

Moments later, a press release from the channel read by presenter Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine indicated that, “In agreement with the beneficiaries” of the telefilm (a production company subsidiary of the Mediawan group, chaired by Pierre-Antoine Capton, the producer of… “C à vous”, through his company Troisième Œil), its programming was “Shifted”, “So as not to disrupt the legal proceedings echoed in the press between Richard Berry and his daughter”. “It’s not credible at all”, retorted immediately the lawyer, recommending to those responsible for this decision to “Take a good lawyer”.

Contacted Wednesday February 17, Me Temime just confirms his words. “It is obvious that Richard Berry enjoys a full presumption of innocence, resumes Anne Holmes. And, if there are new roles to offer him, we will offer him. ”

A new program of Damien’s Law could even intervene in the semester, when the news around the accusations of which it is the subject will have calmed down. For the France Télévisions group, there is no question of being accused of giving in to the cancel culture, which condemns to silence people and works deemed controversial. A fortiori when justice has not passed.

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