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“It’s shining, it’s awesome” Melania Trump reappears dearer than ‘ever’ on Valentine’s Day but many wonder about Donald Trump

  • Melania Trump reappears after leaving the White House and looks more smiling than ever
  • Former first lady appeared ‘beaming’ in recently ‘revealed’ photos
  • The photos were taken in the middle of Valentine’s Day

Former first lady and wife of Donald Trump, Melania Trump, reappears after leaving the White House and looks more smiling than ever.

Almost a month has passed since Melania Trump left the White House dressed in black as if it were a funeral, and in the midst of a strong scandal for making a tremendous ‘slight’ to the former president when they landed in Florida.

More radiant and smiling than ever

The Instagram account @FirstFamilyTrumps was the one who revealed the photographs where we can see a radiant Melania and more smiling than ever from Mar-a-Lago, according to the publication. Trump’s wife wears an elegant black dress, sleeveless and with ornaments that run down the bust and reach the legs.

Instagram PHOTOS @ottokeith

The former model, who lived in the White House for the past four years, has kept a relatively low profile upon leaving the White House. Just a few weeks ago, he opened his official account Instagram where the first publication was an emotional farewell message.

Melania Trump reappears smiling, Trump's wife, Valentine Melania

Instagram PHOTOS @ottokeith

¿Y Donald Trump?

Melania Trump reappears smiling, Trump's wife, Valentine Melania

Instagram PHOTOS @ottokeith

In the middle of Valentine’s Day, many wondered where is the former president who has just been ‘saved’ from a second trial? The answer was offered by the same user and follower of the couple, since in a third photograph it shows a ‘very’ smiling Donald Trump. Just a day before, the president was acquitted in the Senate of the position for “inciting an insurrection in the Capitol”, a decision that would allow him to ‘return’ to the White House in 2024, something in which he has been ‘very interested’ .

Users comment on Melania’s return

It didn’t take long for followers of the former first lady and her husband to go out of their way to praise the couple who left the White House a few weeks ago.

Melania Trump’s Instagram Photos

“Melania is always the image of beauty and grace”, “The most beautiful FLOTUS (First Lady of the United States) in the world”, “she is so incredibly beautiful. I love our FLOTUS ”,“ she is shining, she is impressive ”,“ she looks so happy ”,“ Our beautiful and elegant First Lady! ”, Were some of the comments that praised the smiling former first lady.

Melania Trump’s Instagram Photos

For their part, other users said they ‘miss’ Donald Trump’s wife: “Absolutely beautiful. So happy to see you finally, I miss you and Donald so much ”,“ I can’t wait for everyone to go back where they belong, but for now I’m glad to have them in Florida ”,“ we miss you ”, commented various followers.

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Melania remembers her activities as first lady

Also, on the occasion of this Valentine’s Day, Melania fondly remembered the children of the “Children’s Inn at NIH”, a ‘inn’ for families with children participating in cutting-edge research studies at the National Institutes of Health (NIH ), according to him Official site.

Melania Trump’s Instagram Photos

The same children that he visited during the last years in the White House. “On this #ValentinesDay, I think of the brave and inspiring kids from @TheChildrensInn that I visited over the last few years. Sending you love and strength, today and every day. Happy Valentine’s Day “, wrote Melania in Instagram.

Melania wasn’t the only Trump to reappear

The ‘beaming’ former first lady wasn’t the only one to attract attention again this weekend. Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, also reappeared ‘drenched in sweat’ enjoying the Miami heat.

Ivanka Trump Miami, hija de Trump, Mascota Ivanka

PHOTO Instagram @firstfamilytrumps

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