Sunday, April 18

“Love letter”: love and betrayals

This text is part of the special Le Petit D

Valentine’s Day: love, kisses, little hearts… but also bluffs, alliances and betrayals! Yes: this month, we are playing Love letter !

What could be more romantic than a love letter? Nothing… except when it comes from someone you don’t really like. This is precisely the theme of Love Letter, a small set of fifteen magnificently illustrated cards, and very nicely presented in a red velvet bag. In a distant kingdom, suitors scramble to seduce the pretty princess. You are just one of them, and must manage to transmit your love letter to him through the castle staff.

Prince, countess, servant, soldier… Each card has a special value and power when played. The priest sees the identity of an adversary (and too bad for the secrecy of the confession), the soldier eliminates an opposing character, the servant protects your hand. Whoever loses his last card is eliminated. When the draw pile is empty, the survivors compare the value of their hand, and the winner wins the round.

The game can be explained quickly, and you eliminate your rivals without mercy. As each round lasts only a few minutes, the games are linked at full speed. It’s very simple, with us, after a summer spent between cousins ​​and cousins, the game has come back so cheap that we had to buy a new one! Ideal for a little party with your parents before going to bed, Love Letter is a safe bet that will delight your whole family.

Love Letter, 3-4 players, 8 years +, $ 17, 10 minutes, Z-Man Games

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