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Naked on Zoom, picking her nose on Google Meet: they tell about their video accident

In a Deskeo survey carried out after the first confinement, 62% of French people admitted to having trouble using videoconferencing software. From where an inflation of sometimes funny, sometimes disturbing situations, on the borders of involuntary voyeurism and the culture “Video Gag”. Following a call for testimonials on, readers recount their “video accidents”.

The shame teleconsultation

“During a medical appointment by teleconsultation, from home, my 3½ year old son slips next to me and remains calmly looking at my interlocutor. Then, he says loud and clear: “Well say, she is old!”I never knew if my interlocutor had heard, if it is the case she did not want to embarrass me, because she did not flinch. But I had an extensive discussion with my son after that, about not commenting on the appearance of others… ”

Elisabeth, Lyon, 33 years old

Finger in the nose

“Here I am required to attend a meeting which concerns me but interests me little. I take this opportunity to answer emails, which means that I no longer see the Zoom window where all the colleagues are in video, like me. And there it is the drama, in a moment of forgetfulness, I calmly clean the nose in front of everyone… Impossible to know if one saw me, but we were only seven, so it is probable. Politely, no one told me anything. “

Anna, 39 years old, Paris, psychologist and teacher

A great classic

“I am an engineer and I work a lot on Zoom, for videoconferences or software demonstrations. One day we had to negotiate a really big deal with a client in Dubai. We were together in a room, with three or four of my colleagues, and he was on video. The client did not know his camera was on and he was shirtless. We didn’t say anything and negotiated the contract for an hour with him half-naked on the big screen picking his nose, scratching his ears and other parts of his person… The most surprising thing is that we managed to keep our seriousness. “

Matthew, 47 years old, Cyprus, engineer

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My cat broke my TV during a “conf call”

“I was on videoconference with many colleagues, around fifty I think. My company had organized a virtual aperitif, and all those who wanted to participate had to activate their camera, so that it was user-friendly. We were having a good time, and here my kitten starts to play with a fairly large paper bag on the floor. I adopted him the day before the second confinement, he is very playful. He gets inside the bag, it’s very cute, and then, at least, he’s not on my lap, to appear on the screen. But suddenly, he feels trapped and can no longer get out, while the bag is wide open. I see the bag leaping, with the cat in it, all over my apartment. I hesitate to get up because my colleagues are going to ask me questions and I don’t want to tell them, this is ridiculous. With one bound, he landed on the clothes line, and with a second, on my TV. He drops it and it breaks to the ground.

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