Monday, March 1

Mélissa Webb back in the hot seat

Last week, Mélissa Webb, accused of second degree murder, was talked about following a post where she “rapped” on the subject of her detention and on Friday she found herself once again in the hot seat after being expelled from the therapy house that housed him.

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At 9 a.m. on Friday morning, the criminal and penal prosecuting attorney, Mr.e Caroline Munger, appeared before Superior Court Judge Carl Thibault to ask him to issue, on the spot, an arrest warrant for the young woman.

Webb, 26, had resided at Domaine Orford – an addiction treatment center located in Sherbrooke – since his release granted by the Court of Appeal last October.

However, an event that occurred on January 28 would have forced the residence to expel the young woman.

Webb is now being held in Estrie, but the prosecutor wants the young woman to be brought back before a judge in Quebec so that the Crown can ask the court to revoke the provisional release of the alleged murderer.

Remember that last week, The newspaper revealed that due to an exceptional situation in a therapy house, Webb had access to a cell phone and that she had taken the opportunity to record and publish on social networks a song in which she spoke of her arrest following the murder of David Frigon.

“Accused of murder at 2e degree, at my first arrest, five hours to be filmed while being questioned, the investigator who said to me: “You must be a real one, you, because you do not say a sound”, rapped Webb, which had deeply shocked the family of the victim.


Joined by The newspaper Following the expulsion of the young woman, David Frigon’s relatives seemed relieved that Webb was returning to detention.

Seeing the video last week, they felt a form of injustice in the face of the defendant who seemed to swing consequences and who, according to them, wore an arrogant air in addition to uttering hurtful words.

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