Wednesday, April 14

Afghanistan: at least eight members of the security forces killed in a Taliban attack

At least eight members of the Afghan security forces were killed in a suicide car bomb attack claimed by the Taliban on one of their bases in the east of the country, officials said.

“This morning the terrorists used a Humvee stuffed with explosives (…) eight members of the security forces were killed,” the government office of Nangarhar province, the site of the explosion, said in a report. communicated.

Ajmal Omar, deputy to the provincial council, has meanwhile counted 15 killed and five wounded in the attack on Saturday against an army base.

The Taliban quickly claimed responsibility for the attack, citing around 50 victims. Insurgents, however, very often tend to exaggerate this kind of record.

The attack comes after the US Department of Defense on Thursday criticized the insurgents for violating the terms of the US-Taliban agreement signed in February 2020.

Washington in particular accused the Taliban of not “putting an end to the violent attacks against the Afghan army”.

The Taliban pledged under the agreement – not ratified by Kabul – not to target foreign forces and to renounce terrorism.

But they have stepped up offensives across the country at the same time as they have been negotiating with the government in Doha since September to end two decades of conflict. But these peace talks are progressing at a senator’s pace.

With the total withdrawal of foreign troops, mainly American, planned by mid-May – as part of the American-Taliban agreement – the country is therefore preparing for the worst. In the capital, explosions have become daily.

Kabul police spokesman said two explosions took place this morning, one of them injuring four civilians.

The country is also ravaged by a wave of targeted assassinations of personalities since the opening of the talks, which the Afghan and American governments blamed on the Taliban.

Targets include members of the media, politicians, human rights defenders, doctors and mullahs.

Dozens of them fled the capital or even the country after receiving threats.

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