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Comfort dishes to brighten up the winter

Set up during the commotion of the first confinement, the ready-to-eat launched by several restaurants is now part of everyday life. Almost a year later, many have set up a take-out ordering service from their kitchen to yours. To mark a birthday, end the week gently or simply to take time off from the dishes, The duty offers tasty addresses to inspire you.

With the Super Bowl days away, it was tempting to list places that offer comfort food that is out of the ordinary. Not too fond of football? All the reasons are good to organize a meal in front of our show or our favorite movie, even more when you are in a cabin!


Chef Martin Juneau’s cuisine has always surfed between French and family classics. In fast food, the tangent is the same. We offer dishes that are at the same time accessible, unique and gourmet.

On the comfort side, we cannot ignore the mac and cheese, chili con beef or lasagna bolognese and tartiflette. Among other essentials, cod acras know how to titillate our emotions. And if appeasement goes through a good dessert, rumor has it that Queen Elizabeth cake is not stung with worms.

For drinking, the card of private imports from the Pastaga agency is available. You can also get whole cases of wine or select $ 1 dishes with the purchase of a bottle of wine.

6389, boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal, 438 381-6389, Take-out menu offered daily, from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. Delivery service offered.

Casgrain BBQ

This project, launched by the Vin Mon Lapin team, was intended to be temporary to deal with the impacts of the pandemic. However, he has been so successful in rallying hearts and stomachs that he moves his penates to Bar St-Denis, on the street of the same name.

A nod to chef Marc-Olivier Frappier’s beginnings in the kitchens of a St-Hubert, the Casgrain BBQ menu is inspired by Quebec rotisserie classics that he revisits in his own way. Sourdough fried chicken, chicken nuggets and spicy honey, coleslaw, cucumber and pickle salad, vol-au-vent soup: it’s good and well done.

There are also vegetarian options, like a fried oyster mushroom sandwich. We even offer the essentials of rotisserie, such as “extra sauce” and the famous grilled hamburger bun. The menu is completed with a few sweet touches, including a carrot cake, plain wines, ciders and macerations reminding us that it is the Vin Mon Lapin that watches over us.

6966, rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, Open Wednesday to Sunday, 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Delivery service offered.

Saint-Sauveur dinner

When it comes to comfort food and well-made “snack” dishes, the Diner Saint-Sauveur sets itself apart in the capital. And, virus or not, his classics are still great ready-to-eat options. Those who are deprived of mom’s cooking in confinement will be well served by the spag bolognese – “like grand-môman”, they say – or the shepherd’s pie with shredded beef, foie gras and mashed potatoes. cheese.

For who wants the total dinner will ogle the Sloppy Joe, the pickles fried and the mac and cheese with fried Brussels sprouts and blue cheese. The veggie options are just as enticing. But the real happiness, with the Diner, remains the option of creating your own dish from all the ingredients available in the kitchen. The cream of the crop when it comes to indulging yourself!

Its little sister, the Superette du Diner, offers some ready-to-eat and frozen meals in case you missed dinner time.

450, Saint-Vallier Ouest, Quebec, 581 741-4090, Take-out menu offered daily, 4 pm to 7:30 pm Delivery possible via UberEat.

CHAZ, the priest’s rotisserie

Like Vin Mon Lapin, CHAZ chef and co-owner Jérôme Gilpin had to revise his formula when restaurants were forced to close their dining rooms again this fall. With his team, he has therefore converted the place into a neighborhood rotisserie where they cook sure values ​​such as roast chicken, fried chicken and brisket, classics that do good. Veal rice fricassee, scallop, garlic snails, extra chocolate cake: the menu wants to make you happy and it shows. A selection of wines is also offered on site for the finishing touch.

Mention in the passage to the participation of CHAZ in the annual Poutine Week. From February 3 to 7, he offers the Chili-cheese poutine where homemade fries are mixed with chili, cheese curds from the Victoria cheese dairy, Velveeta sauce and cheese sausage from Turlo farm. Intriguing.

1326, avenue Maguire, Quebec, 418 682-8888, Take-out menu available Thursday to Sunday, 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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