Sunday, April 18

Video of panda clinging to caregiver’s leg goes viral

(Seoul) The video of an adorable baby giant panda desperately clinging to the leg of a zoo keeper in South Korea has garnered more than four million views on YouTube.

France Media Agency

In this two-minute clip that has gone viral, a guard weighs little Fu Bao on a scale before placing her on the ground in an enclosure at Everland Zoo, near Seoul.

But the six-month-old, whose name means “treasure that brings happiness” does not seem to want to part with his healer.

Fu Bao then wraps his front paws around the healer’s leg, desperately clinging to her as he tries to pull away.

She doesn’t let go until he finally takes her down and Fu Bao retreats.

The zookeeper then lays the baby panda down next to a pile of bamboo leaves before walking away.

“I am in love with this panda. He is so cute and hairy, ”commented one internet user.

Another says he “couldn’t do this job.” They would fire me because I couldn’t do anything other than cuddle pandas ”.

Fu Bao was born last year. His parents were offered to South Korea in 2016 by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

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