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Rape investigation against Gérald Darmanin: new revelations from Mediapart

Closed and then relaunched in June 2020, the rape case against the background of abuse of power implicating Gérald Darmanin is progressing. The latter is accused by Sophie Patterson-Spatz, former UMP activist (ex-LR) of having forced him to have a sexual relationship against political support on various personal judicial files, in 2009, in Tourcoing (Hauts-de-France). Gérald Darmanin, who at the time officiated as legal advisor to the UMP, evokes for his part an agreed relationship.

After Sophie Patterson-Spatz, heard on October 28, the Minister of the Interior was heard on December 14 by the judges in charge of the judicial investigation opened for rape, who placed him under the status of assisted witness.

Mediapart was able to consult the preliminary investigation file and the hearing reports. Certain exchanges between Gérald Darmanin and the complainant, exhumed on Monday by the investigation site, reveal inconsistencies in the defense of the minister.

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“Text messages, a letter to the then Minister of Justice and testimonies suggest that the elected representative could have used his power – real or supposed – to obtain sexual favors from the activist, who came to the headquarters of the ‘UMP seek help in a court case, “writes Mediapart. “The investigation file reveals a different face of Gérald Darmanin than that of young UMP project manager, naive and inexperienced, which he had shown to investigators in 2018.”

“Free for a drink?”

Following the sexual relationship, Sophie Patterson-Spatz told investigators that Gerald Darmanin had apologized. The minister refutes, says he probably mentioned his discomfort, linked to his father’s illness and conversely affirms to the investigators having wanted to “put some distance” with Sophie Patterson-Spatz. It wasn’t. Gérald Darmanin actually appears rather insistent. “Free. To have a drink? Gerald”, he sends her on October 27, 2009. She replies: “Do not contact me anymore !!!!”. “If you want, even if I would like to have a nightcap”. “I would like you to call me back if you like … Gerald.”

In total, nearly forty such messages appear in the folder. Reminders from Gérald Darmanin, and refusals from the complainant, who only hopes for progress on the legal files that she has submitted to him. On the night of December 16 to 17, 2009, she evokes the abuse of power by Gerald Darmanin. “Abuse of his position! For my by this being a stupid room !!!! Especially when we are in trouble, the policy suits you well !!! (…) When I know how much effort I needed to fuck with you !!!! To take care of my file “.

“You are right, I am undoubtedly a dirty jerk. How can I be forgiven?” Gerald Darmanin replied a little later that night. Then: “Thank you for giving me a chance .. Are you available tonight?”

Faced with the magistrates, the Minister of the Interior therefore changes his defense strategy. Still according to Mediapart, the Minister of the Interior advanced a political revenge of the complainant, after her appointment to the government of Emmanuel Macron in May 2017. “She had campaigned for François Fillon to the end and I am sure that ‘ she was angry with me for joining the president’s team. […] I think she didn’t want me to be a minister because in her eyes I had betrayed my political family. “A wobbly defense that could quickly be undermined by the conclusions of a psychological expert report which according to Mediapart , shows no such tendency in Sophie Patterson-Spatz.


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