Monday, March 1

Madrid will not put more first doses due to lack of vaccines and Catalonia depletes strategic stocks

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“This week and next no new first doses will be given to anyone “. With this statement, the vice president of the Community of Madrid, Ignacio Aguado, has announced that the supply of the first doses of the Covid vaccine is suspended due to “cuts” in receiving the vials in recent weeks.

The leader has estimated 180,000 vaccines that have already been given in the region although “unfortunately” the supply has been interrupted.

We have had fewer vaccines for weeks and less doses than those promised by the Government of Spain “, said Aguado, who has valued the strategy of the Ministry of Health of the Community of Madrid of “reserve a percentage” of vaccines for second dose, that they will be inoculated.

Aguado explained that thanks to this, the supply of the second dose will not have to be interrupted, but it has advanced that “at least this week and the next” they will have to suspend the supply of new first doses. “We have to focus on the existing doses”, has indicated.

Thus, Ignacio Aguado has considered that At the current rate, it is “impossible” for 70% of the population to be vaccinated at the end of June, since to achieve this figure, the Community of Madrid would have to receive nine million vaccines on that date.

At this point, the vice president of the Community of Madrid has demanded that the new Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, that removes “sky, earth and air” to get more vaccines because what is at stake are “lives”.

Catalonia, without reservations

Vaccination in Catalonia is also complicated. The Secretary of Public Health of the Generalitat, Josep Maria Argimon, has assured that Catalonia will exhaust the strategic stocks of the Covid vaccine this Thursday while waiting for more doses to arrive: “Tomorrow the refrigerators will be empty.”

“Moderna is late, Pfizer sends fewer vaccines and we don’t know anything about AstraZeneca,” he criticized. Argimon has stressed that next week a total of 10,000 people who received the first dose of the vaccine 21 days ago they will not be able to receive the second Due to the lack of stocks, although it has clarified that the last injection can be administered up to 42 days later.

Regarding the 8,500 doses of Moderna’s vaccine that were scheduled for this week, Argimon has reproached the “delay and non-compliance” of the company that has not sent the planned injections, which will arrive next Monday.

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