Thursday, February 25

COVID-19: a theft that traumatized Jacques Rougeau

Few things seem to frighten former wrestler Jacques Rougeau, who spent several years in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) ring. The former intercontinental champion, however, came out traumatized from Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau airport, when he realized that social distancing measures were no longer the same once on the plane.

Mr Rougeau, 60, had to fly for professional reasons during the pandemic to participate in the filming of a documentary about his rivalry with the British Bulldogs.

“I was traumatized by what I saw on a plane,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

The athlete told the show on Tuesday Denis levesque, that the two-meter distance was respected and that everything was going well until boarding.

“A guy comes in and puts his suitcase on the bench next to me. I said to him, “You don’t sit there.” He looks at me and explains that it is his seat. I said to myself that it was impossible, ”he said.

“A flight attendant looks at me and tells me that the two-meter instruction no longer exists on the plane! I do everything to respect the instructions from the start … “

The presence of air exchangers inside the aircraft justifies the airline’s decision.

Rougeau was told that “in 15 seconds the air is changed on the plane, so the chances of catching COVID are very small.”

“During this 15 seconds and you are stuck on a person, there is still a danger of catching the virus,” replied Mr. Rougeau.

“I know gyms and restaurants that are closed. I find that unfair, he added. If air exchangers work in planes, why don’t they do that in theaters and public places? ”

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