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An explosive cyclogenesis arrives after the heat spell in Spain: this will be the storm Justine

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The influence on the peninsula of an air mass of subtropical origin, warmer and more humid, will leave during the next days Spring temperatures, up to 25 degrees, before the arrival of Justine’s weekend, the fifth storm of January.

From today until Friday, the maximum temperatures will leave values, in general, high, Beatriz Hervella, spokesperson for the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet), has pointed out, who advances that in points of the Mediterranean the records could shoot up to 25 degrees the next few days.

By provincial capitals, Malaga will register today 23 degrees, Huelva, 22 degrees, Seville 20 degrees, while in areas of the interior of the peninsula such as Madrid or Toledo the maximums will mark 16 and 18 degrees respectively.

Hervella has observed that another of the great protagonists of these conferences is the fog, especially in points of the interior and in the Guadalquivir valley, due to the situation of high pressures and warm flow from the southwest, which provide a lot of humidity and atmospheric stability for its formation.

“Right now a high pressure wedge penetrates the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula “, he explains Jose Antonio Maldonado, Director of Meteorology of Meteored. Today, Wednesday, weak or moderate rainfall is expected in the eastern Cantabrian regions and in the Pyrenees and cloudy intervals with a tendency to remain clear in the rest of the Peninsula. In the north of the Canary Islands the sky will be somewhat cloudy; clearer in the south. There will be a general rise in temperatures and the west winds will prevail except in the Canary Islands, where they will blow from the northeast “.

On Thursday, Maldonado continues, “stability will be almost absolute. There will only be an increase in cloudiness in Galicia throughout the afternoon, with some weak rainfall that, at the last minute, could spread to the west of Asturias. In the rest of the regions the sky will remain clear, except for some morning fogs, more compact in the Duero, Ebro, Tajo or Guadiana basins “.

Temperatures will continue to rise except in areas where fog persists. In Galicia strong winds will blow from the southwest; the same component as in the Balearic Islands, but here they will be softer. For On the weekend, the weather will be complicated by the arrival of the storm Justine, named by Portugal, and that ranks fifth in the storms of this month of January and tenth since the beginning of the season.

Justine arrives

During Friday and Saturday, Justine, from the Atlantic, it will affect the northwestern quadrant and the Cantabrian coast providing intense winds, rough seas, thermal decline and rain.

These precipitations will extend to Cantabria, Castile and Leon and north of Estremadura and, possibly, the rest of Extremadura, The Rioja and Navarra although in a weaker way. The snow level will remain at 1400 meters in the Cantabrian Mountains and above 2000 in the Navarrese Pyrenees.

Regarding daytime temperatures, they will rise on the Mediterranean side and fall on the rest of the peninsula. They will blow strong southwest winds in the northwest quadrant in Galicia, Castilla y León and the Strait area.

Throughout Saturday, the front associated with Justine will move through the interior of the peninsula. Are expected rains in much of the Peninsula, except in the Mediterranean area, being stronger and more persistent the further north, where they may be accompanied by storms and hail, in addition to snow in mountain systems.

The elevation will rise from 1000 to 1600 meters in the Cantabrian Mountains and the Central System; in the Pyrenees it will descend from 1400 to 1000 meters and in the Penibetic Mountain Range from 2000 to 1200 meters. Regarding the temperatures, will remain in the regions Mediterranean and in Canary Islands, and they will go down in the others. Strong or very strong southwest winds are expected in the northern half and throughout the Mediterranean area.

Already on Sunday, a new front will cross the Peninsula and the rainfall in much of the country, although they will be weak and isolated in the southern half. In Galicia, the Cantabrian communities, Navarra and the western Pyrenees the showers will be strong and Winds will blow from the west to the northwest, with strong gusts in many areas.

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