Thursday, February 25

Isabel Díaz Ayuso gives Pedro Sánchez a pulse: “What are you waiting for to take more difficult measures?”

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The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has asked the Government why it does not close other autonomous communities as it did with Madrid last October when there are regions that are “worse” and gives it a pulse to take “more difficult” measures to stop the third wave of Covid- 19.

They closed Madrid with a cumulative incidence of 500. Right now, why not do it with other autonomous communities that are in a worse moment? Why did they apply only in the Community of Madrid a state of abusive alarm Against the criteria of the health administrations that did know what we were doing? “Diaz Ayuso questioned this Tuesday.

And it goes further, since he has launched an ordeal at Pedro Sánchez. “What are you waiting for to take more difficult measures? What does his candidate go to – in reference to Salvador Illa – or that the elections in Catalonia end? “, He asked, referring to a hypothetical home confinement.

Ayuso gives Sánchez a pulse: “What are you waiting for to take more difficult measures?”

“Sanchez doesn’t care”

At a press conference after signing the agreement with pharmacists and dentists to perform antigen tests in their centers since February 1 in the Community of Madrid, Ayuso has assured to feel a “absolute disappointment and fed up” with Pedro Sánchez, whose role has been “regrettable” during the pandemic.

The Madrid leader has accused him of “Do advertising” constantly and show that “everything does not matter to him”. At this point, he wondered how many families could have avoided infecting his family at Christmas if the Ministry of Health had allowed pharmacies to test for antigens from December 1, as requested by the Community of Madrid.

“Before they criticized the FFP2 masks, and now it turns out that they are the best? Why did they attack them when we distributed them if they were the best way to protect themselves?” Asked Ayuso, who also questioned “how many cases of the British strain are they could avoid “if Barajas had been controlled. “We are like this because of the lack of control at the airport,” he criticized.

“Campaign” for vaccines

After criticizing that to this day Pedro Sánchez “has not had the rennet” to visit the Hospital Nurse Isabel Zendal but yes “he has sent his own to demonstrate” at his doors, Ayuso has also questioned why the Prime Minister does not quarantine after being in contact with his chief of staff, Iván Redondo, positive for Covid-19.

“You have to do a preventive quarantine and not just be on the campaign trail,” Ayuso pointed out, who has asked the Prime Minister to go campaigning in Europe and not in Catalonia to get more vaccines. “HOh, we have to fight for vaccines where necessary and show that you leave your skin for yours, that you are not doing it, “he said.

Hospitality closure

Regarding the closure of the hotel and restaurant industry at 9:00 p.m., Ayuso has announced that “as soon as the pandemic stabilizes” in Madrid the restrictions will change and “they will recover their schedules as soon as possible”, as well as “theaters and cinema”.

“We did not think to close anything in Madrid but the British strain has changed the rules of the game,” Ayuso acknowledged.

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