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Crazy about their rink: ice cream for all tastes

Outdoor rinks are popular this winter. Whatever their shape, size or location, which ones The newspaper presents you all share one thing in common as they are creators of memories. Some artisans are in their first year, others are regulars, but no matter what, they are all guided by a consuming passion which is to their credit.

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Simon Bédard, Pointe-aux-Trembles

  • Size: 16 ft x 36 ft

Simon Bédard has always wanted an ice rink in his backyard, and the pandemic has finally allowed him to make this dream come true with the help of his neighbor Robert and his friends Max and Dany since his schedule allowed it. If the size of the ice rink is modest, its breathtaking view of the St. Lawrence River gives it a unique character. After two unsuccessful attempts, this year has been a good one.

“My 9 year old neighbor who lives upstairs eats hockey, and I thought I’d have one for him. We have a great bond together, it’s like a little brother. ”

Simon Langevin, Saguenay

Photo QMI Agency, Roger Gagnon

  • Size: 20 ft x 50 ft

Snow bands are great, but nothing beats the feeling of hearing the puck echoing on wooden bands. Seeing his son Antoine’s shots improve, Simon Langevin built rigid boards, put a logo in the center of the rink and raised its protective grilles. He also made a homemade resurfacer. “It’s a loophole, as there isn’t much you can do. The ice rink is taking on all its importance this year. I am still thinking of expanding next year. ”

Maxime Poulin, Repentigny

  • Size: 80 ft x 25 ft

Two sports fill the daily life of the Poulin family: hockey and ringette. For six years, the courtyard has been transformed into an ice rink on which papa Maxime, mom Marie-Ève ​​and their children, Loïc and Alysson, have fun practicing their two favorite sports. The war of the sexes reinvented! “We play two ringette games and two hockey games. We have to share, otherwise there will be a quarrel! ” badine Maxime Poulin, who has improved his structure over the years.

Sylvie Hamel, Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures

  • Size: 28 ft x 50 ft

Outdoor hockey in the backyard has become a tradition for the past four years among the Parents. This year, seeing that what was emerging with the pandemic, Marc-André and his wife, Sylvie Hamel, enlarged their rink, rounded the corners and painted yellow and red lines on the bands, to the delight of Nathan and Logan. .

“Our setup will remain year round now. We even think of pouring a concrete slab or installing a dek surface, ”says the mother, who is delighted to see the smile on her boys’ faces when they put on their skates and their Golden Knights and jerseys. Penguins.

Dany Guimond, Bécancour

  • Size: 20 ft x 40 ft

Dany Guimond and his family have fitted out their “mini Bell Center” for a fourth year. “I joke about my mini Bell Center since we are all hockey fans and the Canadiens,” he says. And this year, the addition of sponsors to the bands adds a unique touch to his little sanctuary, where he and his boy Charles-Olivier meet almost every day. “People in the family who have businesses wanted to play.” His 19-year-old daughter Maïka also benefits.

David Bergeron, Saint-Agapit

  • Size: 72 ft x 36 ft

Younger, David Bergeron skated almost every day on the family rink set up on farmland. In this year of pandemic, he wanted his three boys, Félix, Alexis and Milan, to have the same experience, they who normally play in minor hockey. He also made a homemade resurfacer to maintain the ice.

“My wife thinks I’m a little crazy,” he said jokingly. When we weren’t very cold, I put the dial at 3 am to be sure we could go skating the next day ”

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