Monday, March 1

Biathlon LIVE: Double ration of shivers on the French side with the mass-star? Follow the race live with us

We don’t know if we’re going to be entitled to vibrate as much as yesterday, but damn it was a beautiful Saturday. The French have all hit hard, a little when we were starting to think that without Martin Fourcade the French future in biathlon was not necessarily going to be super sexy. And here are the boys who type Norway and Johannes Boe with in particular an Emilien Jacquelin on ice, To which must be added the very beautiful victory of Julia Simon on the mass-start at the cost of a final dingo sprint against the Swedish Hanna Oeberg. Given the context, we inevitably found our appetite. Come on gentlemen, fill us up!

>> Meeting at 3 p.m. for the departure of the mass-start.

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