Monday, March 1

Our choice tonight

Some farewell

Two icons from French screens have recently disappeared and are entitled to a television tribute this evening: Georges Pernoud and Jean-Pierre Bacri. The first, at the helm of the maritime magazine Thalassa for forty years, is the subject of a special program which celebrates his love for the sea, while we can catch a few films in which the second shone.

Georges Pernoud, a man who loved the sea, TV5, 7:30 p.m., My best friends, followed by Adieu Gary, Studio Canal, from 8 p.m. and Le sens de la fête,, until January 23

To each his own way

This Spain-Germany co-production follows the evolution of a group of friends from different countries who met on the way to Compostel, and who did it again twice at key moments in their existence.

3 Caminos (multilingual version with subtitles), Prime Video

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