Thursday, February 25

Paris bets on quantum computing

France intends to invest in quantum computing. A plan of 1.8 billion euros over five years, unveiled by French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday, during a trip to Essonne, in front of an audience of technology players.

Investments that would place the country behind China and the United States in this area.

“By tripling our annual financial effort, we are already joining the top trio of quantum nations”, assures Emmanuel Macron. “France could become the first state to have a complete prototype of a general-purpose quantum computer”.

France will be able to rely on the jewels of IT and on an ecosystem of start-ups to carry out research on quantum computers and industrial applications.

But the underfunding of research has also pushed many academics beyond the borders of France for decades.

“We need to keep the talents”, continues the French president, “to also keep certain technologies so as not to depend in particular on the two great international powers which compete with us, and we need to keep each of the links in France and in Europe. of this chain. “

The State will now inject 200 million euros per year for five years, or 1 billion. Another 800 million will come from industrialists, and Paris is counting on subsidies from Brussels to find the remaining 200 million.

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