Thursday, February 25

Bernie Sanders’ mittens designer surprised by the craze

Independent US Senator Bernie Sanders and his outfit were widely noticed Wednesday during the inauguration of President Joe Biden, and more particularly the mitts of the politician.

Images of Sanders, wearing a khaki winter coat and towering mittens, have been widely shared on social media. He even became, despite himself, the object of memes.

For the one who made the mittens, it was a total surprise.

“All of a sudden my phone started ringing and everyone was saying Bernie was wearing my mittens,” Jen Ellis said.

The elementary school teacher in Vermont gave this gift to the senator after her attempt to run for president.

Jen ran into Bernie’s stepdaughter at daycare.

“I sent him thanks to her, with a note that said something like that I hoped he would represent himself, that I believe in him and that I have always voted for him,” she said. .

Jen has long sold these mittens which are made with wool sweaters sewn together and lined with fabric made from recycled plastic.

The teacher is really proud to have seen her senator with the famous mittens.

“It’s fantastic that he represents Vermont like this and that he brought a handmade object with him for this historic day,” she concluded.

Bernie was notably asked about his choice by the presenter of the CBS channel, Gayle King.

“You know, in Vermont you know when it’s going to be cold and you don’t worry about fashion, you want to stay warm,” he said.

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