Sunday, February 28

COVID-19: the Outaouais will have used up all its vaccine doses within 24 hours

The Outaouais will run out of doses of COVID-19 vaccines by the end of Thursday and regional public health authorities still do not know when they will receive more.

Late Wednesday afternoon, 6,776 of the 8,000 doses of vaccines available to the Outaouais had been administered to occupants of CHSLDs and private residences for the elderly (RPA), as well as to health workers.

However, as elsewhere in the country, delays in the delivery of new doses of Pfizer’s vaccine mean that the date of the resumption of the regional vaccination campaign remains unknown.

“The vaccine does not become ineffective overnight,” said the Outaouais public health consultant, Dr. Carole McConnery, to reassure people already vaccinated. .

“In terms of protection, a single dose is about 90% effective, for a period of 42 to 90 days,” she said.

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