Sunday, February 28

The entrepreneur who allegedly harassed the mayor of Louiseville released

Michel Lacoursière, a 52-year-old entrepreneur, was released after being charged a second time over threats against the mayor of Louiseville, Yvon Deshaies.

However, the suspect was subject to restrictive and possibly costly conditions. To leave prison, he had to make a deposit of $ 1,000, among other things. He is also prohibited from communicating with the mayor, passing in front of his house, following him, spying on him or harassing him, and possessing weapons.

According to his lawyer, the accused was unlikely to be held in custody for the duration of the proceedings because he could have ended up with a longer sentence than he could receive if convicted.

According to Me Stéphane Roof, the commitments offer a very broad guarantee. “We mentioned following and spying. More generally, that means, in the event that he sees it, he will have to take another path. Mr. Deshaies, at this level, will have some latitude in his movements, ”detailed the lawyer.

The accused allegedly followed the vehicle of the mayor of Louiseville on Sunday before making offensive remarks, for which he was accused of harassment and breach of probation. He was already awaiting trial for death threats against the mayor.

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