Sunday, February 28

Senate Speaker sets conditions for climate referendum

Gérard Larcher is opposed to the inclusion in the preamble of the Constitution of the principle of climate protection. – Eric Dessons / JDD / SIPA

He is the one who holds the key to a possible referendum on the climate desired by Emmanuel Macron. This Sunday, the president of the Senate (LR) Gérard Larcher set his conditions, and in particular his refusal to include in the preamble of the constitution the principle of climate protection.

The holding of a referendum on the inclusion in the Constitution of climate protection is a “decision which belongs to the President of the Republic”, recalled Mr. Larcher on Europe 1 / Cnews, adding that according to him, it “does not ‘is not without political ulterior motives.

Find a common text

“We must first initiate the process of constitutional revision, which must be proposed by the Council of Ministers next week and in accordance with the principles of our constitution, the National Assembly and the Senate will examine the text proposed by the government and we we will have to find a common text, ”he stressed. “We are going to examine the text in an open and positive manner,” he said, believing that “it is not illegitimate to wish for better consideration of the preservation of the environment”.

But while the debate will focus on the choice of words, and in particular on whether the text will provide that France must “guarantee” this fight against climate change or only “act” in this direction, Gérard Larcher specified that “That doesn’t mean we’re going to say ‘guaranteed’. We are not going to respond to the injunctions of each other but find the best balance ”.

A date still uncertain

He set another condition: “Do not include in the preamble of the Constitution this principle of climate protection”, but “put it in an article at the same level as other fundamental freedoms, equality between man and the woman, the freedom to undertake ”. According to him, the protection of the environment and the fight against global warming must be “taken into account in our fundamental law” but “not superior to the essential principles of our fundamental law”.

The organization of this referendum, announced by Emmanuel Macron on December 14, is uncertain by the end of the five-year term in 2022 since it can only take place after a vote by the National Assembly and the Senate, the latter being controlled. from the right. If held, this referendum would be the first to be organized in France since 2005, and the victory of the No to the European Constitution, and the first on ecology.

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