Sunday, April 18

Snow expected from the North to Ile-de-France

Météo France forecasts snowfall on Saturday January 16 from the north of the country – from the North, to the Ardennes, Ile-de-France and Burgundy – and has placed thirteen departments on orange vigilance for snow and ice before a warms in the night from Saturday to Sunday.

The departments placed in orange vigilance are Aisne (02), Nord (59), Oise (60), Pas-de-Calais (62), Paris and the inner suburbs (75-92-93-94) , Seine-et-Marne (77), Yvelines (78), Somme (80), Essonne (91) and Val-d’Oise (95).

In the early morning, it will be particularly cold with almost generalized frosts over the country. A new rainy disturbance will gradually reach Brittany then the regions neighboring the Channel at the start of the day.

Freezing precipitation

In the afternoon, it will reach the north and northwest of the country. Sometimes moderate snowfall will occur in the Hauts-de-France and the Ardennes in the north of the Center region, passing through Ile-de-France and Burgundy, with snow in the plain (3 to 10 cm expected) then temporarily freezing precipitation, before a lull then a marked warming in the evening and the following night.

In the east, the atmosphere will remain gray and cold during the day before the arrival of snow during the following night. On the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, a few flakes will fall at low altitude in the afternoon and in the evening under a very cloudy sky. In the north of New Aquitaine, the clouds will prevail and give a few drops before the arrival of rain the following night with a risk of ice towards Limousin. Further south, the sky will hesitate between clouds and clearings with at most a few drops on the Côte-d’Azur and western Corsica. Around the Mediterranean, the Mistral and Tramontane will blow up to 70/80 km / h in gusts.

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