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Ask for prayers. Lety Calderón confirms that she, her children and part of her family are infected with coronavirus

  • Actress Leticia Calderón, reported that she and her family have coronavirus
  • In social networks, he asked followers to send their prayers
  • “Several members of my family, including me, were affected by this disease”

The Mexican actress, Leticia Calderón, reported through social networks that she and her family were infected with the coronavirus, she also asked her followers to send her their prayers.

In her message, the artist gave the details that she and her family are infected by this disease, this was done on her account Twitter, where netizens immediately sent their supportive comments.

“Hearts. I did not start this year how I would have liked. Despite all the care, several members of my family, including me, were affected by this disease, so I ask you to include us in your prayers. Thank you, ”said the celebrity.


Even the news was shared on the account of Instagram of Chamonic 3, where they wrote: “Lety ​​Calderón! She asks for prayers for her and her family because they have COVID-19, speedy recovery ”.

The Mexican artist is recognized for participating in Mexican soap operas such as Esmeralda, En nombre del amor, Imperio de mentiras, La Indomable, among others.


After learning about the news of the coronavirus contagion, her followers on social networks immediately began to leave their messages of support and encouragement for the actress.

On Twitter, the Mexican has more than 140 thousand users who follow her and who are aware of everything she publishes on her social network, in addition to the fact that the publication has had more than a thousand reactions.

On Instagram, on the Chamonic 3 account, there was also a great response from Internet users since they currently have more than 1,600 “like” reactions.

Reaction on social media

Leticia Calderón coronavirus. Several Internet users are aware of the state of health of the artist Leticia Calderón, the publications that I make on social networks have had a great response of comments.

There were those who sent good vibes to the actress: “Take care of yourself, of your family members. Love you very much. However, I believe that God will protect and support you and your loved ones. “

Leticia Calderón coronavirus 2 family


Some also told of their experience with the coronavirus: “How hard my God, today my sister got worse and it was such a great anguish that you cannot do anything for them, thank God and our prayers are stable, but they were moments of anguish that I do not wish them to anyone, please take care of ourselves and others ”.

“Lety ​​hopefully your Carlos and my best friend Luciano improve. all my blessings and prayers for you, everything will be fine, we are all going to get out of this, he loves you a lot, “said a follower.

One user even recommended visiting his doctor: “my dear Lety, in my prayers. Much faith and rest, tranquility and homemade medicines. Those in the know recommend ivermectin. Ask your doctor. God with you and yours ”.

“Drink lots of liquids, drinks with vitamin C, energy and positive thoughts, check oxygen, temperature, rest and follow the doctor’s instructions, exercise lungs, breathe deeply”, “God bless you, this year is even weaker than last, I think. I ask God to make it easy for you ”, were some of the messages he received from his fans.

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Leticia Calderón was born in Mexico City on July 15, 1968. Her family is made up of her parents, Mario Calderón and Carmen León, and her three brothers: Mario, Alejandro and Miguel.

Leticia Calderón coronavirus family 3


Of them, Leticia was the only one to venture into television. Although she was born in Mexico City, Leticia grew up in the north of the country, in the city of Guaymas, in Sonora, in addition to spending some seasons of her life in places like Veracruz and Baja California.

As an actress, she has appeared in a total of thirty soap operas and two movies, although she has also had guest appearances on comedy and unit shows.

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coronavirus (Instagram)

Leticia Calderón coronavirus (Instagram)

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