Thursday, March 4

No face-to-face return for students, except for first year students

At the university, first-year students will be the only ones allowed to return to follow their tutorials (TD) in half-groups, as of Monday, January 25. A circular from the Ministry of Higher Education of December 19 already provided for a recovery for these students on that date, adding to the “groups of ten”, which target the most vulnerable groups and are gradually being established since January 11. . Students at other levels will have to wait for future decisions, “If the health situation allows it”, said Jean Castex during his press conference Thursday, January 14.

The goal initially set by Emmanuel Macron of a recovery for all students at the beginning of February was not mentioned, despite the recommendations of the scientific council in this regard, Tuesday January 12. Aware of the high level of anxiety and depression among students, its president, Jean-François Delfraissy, had pleaded for a return to face-to-face “Half-gauge or quarter-gauge” after the winter holidays.

Screenings and tests

The Minister of Higher Education, who had ruled out the possibility of a face-to-face return in half-gauge on Monday during a trip to Cergy University, this time displayed her desire to “To trace together the path to move from a majority of distance learning to a majority of face-to-face teaching”. Alongside Jean Castex, Frédérique Vidal is to receive representatives of establishments and student organizations in order to define a new health protocol, Friday, January 15. It is necessary “Prevent students from staying on site for daytime breaks”, she has already warned.

Antigenic screenings and tests will be made available to university health services “To allow monitoring of the evolution of the epidemic”, she clarified. To justify the transition from teaching to all-distance education, at the end of October, the government presented these establishments as “Places of very high traffic” virus, to the chagrin of university presidents, for whom lecture halls were not the main vectors of contamination. “We will see how the decisions taken unfold and how they receive the announcements tonight, said the Prime Minister in response to a question from the press. Let’s be clear, this is not a short-term plan to reopen universities. “

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