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“We have to take care of ourselves on January 17 and 21”. Mhoni Seer predicts ‘deaths’ and even an explosion near Biden

  • Psychic Mhoni Seer predicts what will happen at Biden’s inauguration
  • It also mentions the dates on which the president-elect will suffer an attack.
  • “Very strong things are coming, they are discussed in the White House together with Trump’s followers”

Mhoni Seer Biden attack. The most famous clairvoyant in all of Mexico, Mhoni Vidente, appears making a prediction about what will happen at the inauguration of Joe Biden, a ceremony that will take place on January 20.

The psychic appeared on the traditional prediction Wednesday on the Aqui Contigo program, where she appears every week to mention what she holds for different celebrities.

In a video of Youtube, Mhoni spoke about the inauguration of president-elect Joe Biden, even affirming that she does not give news: “I give predictions, I do not give news, nor do I like gossip or talk about anyone.”



Regarding the change of president in the United States, the clairvoyant said that an attack is coming for the democrat: “what had never been experienced we experienced at the beginning of January, the taking of the Capitol, incited by Trump.”

“We must take care of ourselves on January 17 and 21 in the United States, which is marked that an attack against the new emperor, Biden, will be harassed by people who are in favor of Trump,” said Vidente.

In addition, he visualizes more riots, people in the street fighting, even more deaths, he even mentioned that a very strong explosion near Washington is going to detonate something incredible that has never happened.

“Joe Biden has to take great care of himself, they will have to be on track so that his inauguration is not filled with blood, so that people understand that he is the new president and the most powerful man in the world, so you have to have a cordial relationship with him, ”said Mhoni Vidente.


Donald Trump a juicio

Mhoni Seer Biden attack. Even the clairvoyant took the time to talk about the Republican president who is already on his way out, when asked if he envisions Trump in four years fighting for the presidency, she replied:

“Donald Trump is already cornered, he already has a week left, they will not remove him from power, I do not see him in the inauguration of Biden, he is only sinking, and he is going to come to Mexico, the Mexican president will he is going to offer an asylum ”, mentioned the psychic.

Mhoni Seer Biden 2 inauguration attack


The seer said that the Republican president will go to Mexico or Russia, in order to coordinate everything and thus be a candidate for the presidency again in 2024.

And it was when he gave the bomb of the prediction since he said that the dead cannot be candidates: “unfortunately the dead cannot be candidates, either of the two, Biden or Trump, I see that this year they will suffer an attack and cause their death” .

He also added that it is a pitched war between the two, the enlightened who are 13, no longer want him in power and want to get out of the game, something that incites racism and courage.

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A trial is coming before Trump, for all the deaths that are coming, he said that people will be running in the streets: “you cannot attempt against democracy, the United States is the country that gives you the guideline to be a democrat in everything the world ”, mentioned the seer.

Mhoni Seer Biden 2 inauguration attack


He even spoke about the COVID strain: “this virus by May or June we will be able to dominate with vaccines and with a drug that is going to leave Mexico or the United States.”

He said that this strain is the same flu created in laboratories, the human being has to take care of himself since he said that another more aggressive virus is coming but in 10 more years.

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