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United We can ‘break’ with the PSOE in the Treasury and demand the creation of a superior body of fiscal technicians

New confrontation between the Government parties, this time with Congress as the stage. United We Can has decided to break with the PSOE, at least in the amendments to the bill on measures against tax fraud.

As Invertia has learned, the socialist parliamentary group and the Ministry of Finance have refused to endorse any of the amendments proposed by United We Can in meetings held in recent weeks.

What has ‘stung’ United We the most has been the immobility of the socialists in their main request and proposal. The formation of Pablo Iglesias wants the creation of a upper body of finance technicians to accelerate the fight against tax fraud.

Building of the Tax Agency./


It is a proposal that several groups raised for the General State Budgets, but that at that time did not get the support of the Government parties. Why in the case of United We Can? Porque It was not the appropriate context to propose this measure, indicate the sources consulted.

They consider that the space to do so would be precisely the bill against tax fraud. However, they have found the resounding refusal from the department headed by María Jesús Montero and, by extension, the socialist group.

For this reason, and as a protest, Unidos Podemos has decided not to sign any of these amendments with the socialists. or register any amendments to the project against tax fraud. However, they will support the amendments that convince them, whether or not they are from the PSOE.

En any case, the purple formation does not give up the measure. As they indicate to this medium from United We Can, they will translate their proposal into a bill that they will present in the near future.


Although the amendments that were presented to the Budgets to create a superior body of Treasury technicians were discarded, this proposal unleashed a war in the Ministry of Finance.

The Union of Technicians of the Ministry of Finance (Gestha) defended, and defends, that this initiative would allow to overcome “Different limitations and internal rules that make it impossible for technicians to continue actions against certain tax crimes and that they have to go to an inspector ”.

From the union they argue that the number of tax inspectors available in the Tax Agency does not reach 2,000, while the technicians are 7,000. “The measure would end bottlenecks in the fight against fraud”.

The president of Gestha, Carlos Cruzado.

The president of Gestha, Carlos Cruzado.

Of course: the finance technicians, today, belong to Group A2. If the new Higher Technical Body of Finance were created, they would all go up to Group A1, which would automatically imply a salary increase of about 14%, as Invertia already told.

Both the Association of State Tax Inspectors (IHE), the Association of State Auditors and Auditors and the Superior Body of Cadastral Management denounced and denounced creating a superior body of technicians.

At the time, they showed their “firm rejection” to this idea, what would be a automatic conversion “without compliance with the legally established requirements”.

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