Thursday, January 21

Thousands of liters of gasoline in a Montreal stream

One of the last streams to survive the urbanization of the island of Montreal was polluted by thousands of liters of gasoline after a stupid human error last week in Dorval.

Philippe Teisceira-Lessard
Philippe Teisceira-Lessard

A fuel delivery man pumped 20,000 liters of gasoline into a used oil tank with a capacity of 5,000 liters at the garage of the car rental company Enterprise, on the edge of the grounds of the Montreal-Trudeau airport.

It is a citizen who noticed traces of oil in the Bouchard stream, which passes nearby.

“The source of the spill was determined on January 6,” said Frédéric Fournier, of the Ministry of the Environment.

The surplus of thousands of liters of gasoline which overflowed from the tank (logically between 15,000 and 20,000 liters) “went to the land near the Montreal airport, to then borrow its storm sewer system and flow into the Bouchard stream, ”said Fournier. “However, the exact amount of gasoline released into the water environment remains unknown. ”

Bouchard brook is one of the last to have neither been drained nor fully channeled with the urban development of Montreal. It crosses airport grounds, industrial sectors and a residential area before flowing into the St. Lawrence, a few hundred meters from Dorval City Hall. “Its watershed measures nearly 9.1 km2 and is waterproofed over 55% of its surface, ”according to a municipal document.

His condition, extremely precarious, worries for a long time.

Cleaning and monitoring

Last week’s spill will not improve her condition.

Once the problem was discovered, an intervention was set in motion, in which the Montreal firefighters took part, the environmental services of the City of Montreal, a private pumping company and the Urgence-Environnement service of the Ministry of ‘Environment.

Montreal airport also sent teams. They “offered their collaboration during the pumping operation,” said spokeswoman Anne-Sophie Hamel, who specifies that the activities of the airport were not affected.

The Enterprise firm has opened an investigation into the incident, which occurred near the intersection of Côte-de-Liesse and rue Jean-Paul-Laframboise.

“We are saddened by this accident and we are working closely with everyone involved – as well as the company that delivers the gasoline – to understand the details,” said spokeswoman Lisa Martini. Efforts have been made to contain the situation. We continue to work as our investigation and cleanup efforts continue. ”

The provincial authorities will follow the file closely.

“Urgence-Environnement made sure that the gasoline recovery work continued as long as the contaminant was present,” indicated Frédéric Fournier. This work continued until the end of the day on January 7. Note that the City will carry out field monitoring on Bouchard Creek until the spring and if contamination is found, the required work will be required. ”

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