Thursday, January 21

Ribera asks for prudence in the debate on light and studies “cushion mechanisms” to alleviate the peaks

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After a week with successive increases in the price of electricity. Today, Thursday, this upward trend has been broken. In the political debate, the partners of the Government, United We can have expressed to the PSOE the urgency to take measures to alleviate the spikes suffered by the electricity bill in full season. The fourth vice president and minister for the Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, has asked for “prudence” when addressing the issue and calls the debate for Competition to finish its investigation.

“What we have asked the CNMC is to analyze how the offers occur,” Ribera explained in an interview with Radio Nacional de España this morning. In this sense, the minister has reiterated the need to be prudent “until having the data of the technicians of the Commission.”

The Minister for the Ecological Transition explains that her main bet consists of “boost the penetration of renewablesRibera has not specified whether an intervention in the energy market is entirely viable and refers the question to a “study in collaboration with the Member States” of the European Union.

“Mattress mechanisms”

Some experts and academics have suggested throughout these days the possibility of fixing fixed prices for electricity. However, the minister has been against this solution since, she pointed out, this would mean making a selection between the different energies.

“Another thing is to fix mattress mechanisms before the peaks“He has pointed out as a possible solution. Without specifying what type of aid it would be, Ribera assures that mechanisms that are” solid “for the market, the legislative field and the consumer should be studied.

VAT reduction

A few days ago, the Minister and Government spokesperson, María Jesús Montero, rejected the possibility of reducing the tax burden of the Value Added Tax (VAT) on the price of electricity, which currently stands at 21%.

Asked Ribera about the possibility of carrying out a VAT reduction for people who have fewer resources, the minister recalled that in 2018 an energy poverty strategy was launched. Thus, he reiterated that the Government is working on the implementation of measures “to find out if this section (referring to the most vulnerable people) deserves a reduction in VAT or a compensation mechanism.”

However, the fourth vice president recalled that “from the social democratic point of view we believe that have a robust revenue system to alleviate the needs of the most vulnerable citizens “.

He has also had words for his partners in the Government of the purple formation, with whom he would like to work “in another way”. Following the comments that the Podemos cabinet members have made during the last hours, Ribera has acknowledged: “I am more in favor of working together without excessive noise.”

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