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Quebec cinema in 2020 | Increase in market share, but drastic drop in revenues

Quebec cinema saw its market share increase significantly at the box office in 2020, rising from 7.5 to 11.7%. But this improvement is largely erased by the drastic drop in income attributable to the pandemic and the closures of theaters.

André Duchesne
André Duchesne

From 13.3 million in 2019, Quebec cinema box office revenues fell to 5.3 million (all figures have been rounded) in 2020, according to the compilation of Cinéac, an organization specializing in the collection of cinema data. .

Obviously, Quebec cinema is not the only one to have suffered from theater closures. The decreases are appreciable in all categories.

Starting with those of the American giant. In Quebec, in 2020, films from the United States garnered revenues of 30.9 million, compared to 136.5 million in 2019. An abyssal fall!

Unsurprisingly, American market shares at Quebec counters also fell, from 77.3% in 2019 to 68.5% in 2002.

In its press release, Cinéac qualifies the year 2020 as “very special” for cinema as for all economic sectors. In the Quebec film industry, the comments were quick to burst.

“If we compare ourselves to the Canadian market, and even to the North American market, Quebec has proven the strength of its audience and its cinematography. During the few months of reopening, our cinemas in Quebec continued to program Quebec films and the public was there, ”said Daniel Séguin, member of the Quebec cinema revival committee and executive vice-president, operations national at Cineplex.

In a press release, the committee is delighted with the increase in the market share of Quebec films.

“The cumulative results for 2020 highlight the violence of the impact of the pandemic on cinemas”, indicate for their part the Association of Quebec Cinemas Owners (APCQ) and the Corporation of Quebec Cinemas (CSCQ) in a joint press release. They also take care to celebrate the good performance of Quebec films.

At Films Seville, we are delighted to see five films from the house (Mafia Inc, Thanks for everything, Suspect number one, My circus to me and 14 days, 12 nights) occupy the top five places at the box office for Quebec films. Note, however, that Cinéac, which has different accounts, places The Rose (ONF) in fifth position.

The film, all categories combined, which did the best at the box office in Quebec in 2020? The monumental work of war 1917 by Sam Mendes with box office admissions totaling $ 2.68 million.

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