Sunday, January 17

Opinion | Republicans and the cult of barbarism in Trump’s second impeachment trial

Unfortunately, the dark chapter that the presidency of Donald Trump represents in the history of the United States does not culminate either with his impeachment in the Lower House, for the second time, nor with his departure from the White House next week.

The damage it has done to this country and to its recent history, the one that was emerging to make it a vanguard nation in the 21st century, with a policy of full inclusion, in accordance with its new multiracial demographics, has been so profound that its Society will have to wait until all its wounds heal, and then resume the path that is most conducive to it. In the meantime, of course, other nations of the world will overtake him in that regard, losing the baton on all grounds.

Indeed, Trump and his legacy of extremism, racism and falsehoods are tattooed on the Republican Party and its leaders, who for the past five years, since he announced his intentions to seek the presidential nomination, have dedicated themselves to justifying and defending his excesses, to take a long look and, in the face of their defeat in November 2020, they perpetuated the lie of “electoral fraud”; to the point of adding fuel to the fire with the extremist fanatics of the cult of the still president, who stormed the Capitol on January 6, causing five deaths.

In these actions, by the way, no historical or political justification was seen. The only thing that could be seen was a mob following the orders of a xenophobe who cares nothing or anyone – not even his own followers – and who has only been interested in creating this chaos to avoid being prosecuted by each and every one of the crimes you’ve committed, including this attack on the Capitol.

In fact, if you look closely, this doesn’t even smell like “revolution,” but rather an absurd involution of that part of American society that is unable to distinguish right from wrong. It is, in fact, the product of a deep political ignorance of that social segment that instead of promoting a change to eradicate all that putrefaction represented by racism, discrimination, xenophobia and anti-immigrant sentiment, has preferred the painful path back to the beginnings of this nation: the defense of white supremacy.

Thus, during the debate on the impeachment of Trump in the Lower House for inciting an insurrection, it was detestable to see his Republican enablers calling for “unity” and “reconciliation”, when for five years they promoted division, lies, theories conspiracies, personal attacks and sewer politics, in order to defend a “leader” who favored them politically, even if they had to pawn him, as they did, his soul to the devil.

It has been really embarrassing to see how republican values ​​no longer have a place in this new way of doing politics in the function of a supremacist, instead of doing it in favor of a Constitution and of an entire people that had maintained democratic stability, despite everything.

So the question many of us ask ourselves is what will happen to the Republican Party. Because everyone is muddy there, including the staff. Those who now come to be outraged by the violent coup attempt that Trump encouraged and incited would be laughable if the consequences of his despicable acts were not so serious.

It should not be forgotten that after the violent assault, 139 Republicans in the Lower House and 8 in the Senate voted to perpetuate the lie that there was fraud in the November 3 election. Their “outcast” costume is fitting very well, as is their leader and their own family.

Because it was not until the images and videos of Trump’s barbarians went around the world and until large corporations began to withdraw their support – to avoid being linked to a president and a party that they promoted the trampling of the Constitution with the In order to change the results of a legitimate election – that some convincing leaders began to try to distance themselves from the president.

But it is already too late. Their names, their permanent endorsement of the evident political barbarism that settled in the White House, will not let them sleep for the rest of their days. “But what did I do?” They will ask themselves: Almost nothing: betraying their own country.

How does the Republican Party purge itself of Trump when the party is Trump? Do you think that with Trump out of the White House it is a clean slate? Will Trump take his mob and form his own party? Do Republican leaders believe that we all have collective amnesia and will not remember how they embraced Trump and his lies, his prejudiced public policies, his falsehoods, his follies?

They say that societies have no memory. This axiom is wrong this time. The last name Trump and the Republican Party will remain united forever and inscribed in the darkest pages of this chapter, of this new “American moment.”

And it is true that some sensible Republicans left the party, others have condemned Trump. But, we already know, a swallow does not make a summer.

For samples, one button. Only 10 Republicans in the Lower House voted with all Democrats to impeach Trump; 197 Republicans, loyal to Trump, voted against. This president has eaten up his party.

Evil, as you can see, joins the cult of barbarism.

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