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Juan Carlos Campo on postponing the elections in Catalonia: “Be careful, it is suspending democracy”

The suspension of the elections in Catalonia of next February 14 is already on the table, however the Minister of Justice, Juan Carlos Campo, advises the Generalitat that “this procedure it is not contemplated in the electoral law “. It also asks that the answer given be “absolutely proportionate because we are talking about fundamental rights” and demands “caution” because it is about “suspend democracy”.

“We are talking about democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights. Therefore, careful what we are playing“, warns the Minister of Justice in an interview.” This is a very delicate thing that is the backbone of democracy, we are talking about the need for there to be a government that is fully operational in 100% of faculties and more at the present time that we are living, “he added.

Juan Carlos Campo believes that it is necessary to study in depth if the circumstances that were adopted in the Basque Country and Galicia exist to postpone the elections. “This is a call that the Minister of Justice has to make to responsibility, to the regulatory environment and to a detailed analysis of the situations and to reach a measure that is serious for democracy as is the suspension of elections “, he pointed out.

The PSC, against

The Government has already proposed to the parties the option of postponing the Catalan elections until May or June if It is determined that the current evolution of Covid-19 does not allow to vote with security on February 14, an option that all formations are open to debate except the PSC.

The Socialists, who present the Minister of Health Salvador Illa as a candidate, consider that there is no reason to postpone the elections because there is no home confinement, a circumstance that did occur in the dead and Basque elections. They also warn that the decision does not belong to the Government but to the Central Electoral Board because the elections were called automatically.

“The current legislation does not contemplate the suspension of elections that have already been called and that, in fact, the elections have been called automatically and not by a decision of the Government. Whoever has not called, cannot postpone,” says the PSC in a statement.

The rest of the opposition parties would support a postponement. Citizens and the CUP have been the ones who have most openly opted for a new date: “I don’t see myself campaigning while the UCI collapse,” said the orange candidate, Carlos Carrizosa.

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