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Jobs for Hispanics in the United States

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Are you Hispanic and looking for a job in the United States? Undoubtedly, the opportunities are wide and varied; There is a wide field of work that offers you the possibility of accessing a stable economic future.

The best of all is that you will be able to access well-paid positions and, in some cases and depending on your skills, obtain an average salary of more than 100,000 dollars a year, in addition to some payments that could put a few Dollars extra in your pockets.

Of course, it is about choosing a position that suits your skills, although it is also possible to learn as you go, but what are the best jobs to look for? Please read carefully! Because here we list some of the positions that pay the best for Hispanic immigrants in the United States.

Best Paying Jobs in America for Immigrants

Aerobics trainer

Are you a lover of exercise and physical well-being? Pass it on to your customers! Today, health is one of the goals most sought after by most people in all parts of the world, and the United States is no exception.

Personalized training is also a highly requested position that will allow you to generate income independently and responding to your needs and schedule.

The opportunities for stability and economic growth in this field of work are high, whether it is your part-time job or you are looking for an extra income.

Minimum hourly wage: $ 11

Maximum hourly wage: $ 40

Maximum annual salary: $ 83,000


This is one of the more specialized positions on this list, and perhaps that is why it is one of the highest paying. The field of electronics requires a specific skill, since in this type of positions people with a great operational capacity are sought, since one of the main tasks focuses on the manufacture or maintenance of specific machinery for the aeronautical industry.

Minimum hourly wage: $ 12

Maximum hourly wage: $ 41

Maximum annual salary: $ 77,762

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Travel guides

In this position, your language skills and your retention of important data will be two of the main elements that will lead you to successfully complete your tasks.

A Travel Guide is in charge of planning, organizing and executing a travel agenda, in addition to requiring a great ability to solve problems and conflicts. As it has been for several decades now, this position will continue to be one of the most sought after among travelers from around the world.

Minimum hourly wage: $ 9

Maximum hourly wage: $ 23

Maximum annual salary: $ 52,000

Maximum bonuses: $ 52,000

Solar Panel Installer

A solar panel installer must be specialized in the installation of electronic equipment and have great leadership skills.

Today, more and more people are deciding to install solar panels in their homes or businesses, so this position represents a great possibility to prosper within the United States.

This position requires skilled and qualified personnel, since the team in charge of the installation must make sure that everything is ready to start the placement of the panels and verify that they work properly at the time of finalizing their installation.

Minimum hourly wage: $ 14

Maximum hourly wage: $ 24

Maximum annual salary: $ 56,000

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Elevator installer

It might sound like a little known job, but it certainly represents a position with attractive pay.

Almost all commercial buildings, hotels and apartments are serviced by elevators, so you will never be short of work: from installation to maintenance, you may have a stable, well-paying job.

With a salary of up to $ 40 per hour, an elevator installer will have the opportunity to enter a highly demanding job field that represents the opportunity to acquire specialized knowledge and thus open up future opportunities.

Minimum hourly wage: $ 15

Maximum hourly wage: $ 40

Maximum annual salary: $ 91,000


This trade is also one of the most requested, since it offers competitive salaries and, in most cases, receive bonuses per session that significantly increase the hourly pay received.

You can offer your services independently, but also work in exclusive resorts, hotels and clubs where the tips are usually higher.

The work of a masseur goes far beyond their knowledge in the matter: it is possible that in these positions you receive training to receive, greet and work within a harmonious, hygienic and professional environment.

Minimum hourly wage: $ 15

Maximum hourly wage: $ 59

Maximum annual salary: $ 115,000

Maximum bonuses: $ 5,000


A highly demanded trade that allows you to work according to your own hours: One of the advantages of this position is that you can organize yourself taking into account your own work schedule.

Your skills will not be reduced to opening or closing padlocks, but will also require you to specialize in the maintenance, repair and inventory of different artifacts and utensils.

Minimum hourly wage: $ 12

Maximum hourly wage: $ 28

Maximum annual salary: $ 64,000

Maximum bonuses: $ 6,000

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Therapy assistants

What is the job of a therapy assistant? In the case of an occupational therapy assistant, for example, the task is to work in conjunction with the certified therapist to achieve the goals outlined by the certified therapist.

Here language is presented as a plus, as verbal communication will be one of the skills required for most positions.

Therapy assistants must have a range of skills such as organization, technological and administrative knowledge, organization of calendars, and cordial treatment with patients, among others.

Minimum hourly wage: $ 20

Maximum hourly wage: $ 35

Maximum annual salary: $ 72,000

Maximum bonuses: $ 5,000


The work of sonographer has a good remuneration, since it requires extensive technical and theoretical knowledge of each task and device to be used.

A sonographer has direct contact with patients, so he must have special training to perform his functions optimally.

In addition to interpreting and adding notes to make specific diagnoses, the sonographer must ensure that his equipment functions properly and has a long service life.

Minimum hourly wage: $ 24

Maximum hourly wage: $ 42

Maximum annual salary: $ 89,000

Maximum bonuses: $ 3,000

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As you can see, there is a wide variety of jobs that you can do as an immigrant in the United States, regardless of your official credentials.

It will be your skills that will dictate the path you can follow to look for a job and start offering your services independently.

However, this is only the beginning of what can be a long and fruitful career path within the country, since you can be sure that in your new position you will learn new tools to face all the job opportunities that will come your way. future.

It is important that when looking for work you determine what your current specific skills are, but also that you project what your plans are for the future, not only in the economic field but also in the professional field.

Thus, your work path in the United States looks promising, because now you have a broader idea of ​​everything you can do with your specific skills, as well as the areas of opportunity, salaries and requirements present in each work field.

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