Wednesday, January 20

Human Rights Watch accuses Jair Bolsonaro of trying to “sabotage” anti-Covid plans

Jair Bolsonaro “tried to sabotage the public health measures” put in place against the Covid-19. This serious accusation is launched by Human Rights Watch. The human rights NGO lists the initiatives of the far-right president to minimize the devastation of the pandemic, from refusing to take measures to protect himself and his environment to the dissemination of “false information”. attempted “to prevent states from adopting social distancing rules.”

Human Rights Watch also denounces the policy of Jair Bosonaro which weakened the rights of women and the disabled, or the environment. A president who has often attacked the press and civic movements, also regrets the NGO.

The NGO also recalls that Jair Bolsonaro “dismissed his Minister of Health for having complied with the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO)”, and that the replacement resigned for having disagreed with the president on the issue. use of a drug to treat the disease which has not been shown to be effective.

Far behind other countries, Brazil will begin vaccination at the end of the month. The far-right president has repeatedly pleaded for the vaccine not to be mandatory, assuring that he would not be vaccinated.

Brazil is the second most affected country in the world, with nearly 205,000 deaths and 8.1 million cases, behind the United States.

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