Tuesday, January 26

High risk impeachment

The political bet is risky. Within a week of Joe Biden’s swearing-in as 46e President of the United States, the second destination proceedings initiated this week against Donald Trump could strengthen divisions in a country that the next president has yet promised to “reunify” and “heal” after the four chaotic years of the reign of the former reality TV star, estimates a handful of experts consulted by The duty.

But, in the aftermath of the insurrection on Capitol Hill, which gave rise to this call for impeachment, the risk must nevertheless be taken, according to them, not to leave unpunished an obvious act of treason by a president in office against American democracy. .

“The history books are going to have to remember that Donald Trump was one of the worst presidents of the United States, a sociopath who, by promoting monstrous conspiracies, led to an insurgency, sums up on the other end of the phone. attorney Lanny Davis, former special adviser to Bill Clinton and member of the George W. Bush Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Committee. This impeachment must be completed for our children and for our grandchildren, so that they remember that a president must be held responsible for his actions when he incites in an odious way to riots. “

This second procedure for the impeachment of Donald Trump was not on the agenda of the Democrats who, since last November, have been preparing to regain control of the White House with the stated desire to heal the wounds of the past four years and to reduce the deep divisions of the country. But, since January 6 and the riots on the Capitol, it has been unanimous, even reaching the Republican ranks, where several voices have been heard in the last days to support the idea of ​​removing the current president.

“After what we have seen, there is no serious argument which can be invoked to oppose the impeachment of Donald Trump”, summarizes the Republican political strategist Gary Sasse, attached to Rhode Island. On Wednesday, a majority of elected representatives of the House of Representatives adopted the indictment of Donald Trump, the first step in his dismissal. “But politically, it becomes complicated, since this approach will inevitably overshadow” the kickoff of the next administration, whose first 100 days are supposed to open on a renewal of American policy and set the tone for the promised unity.

After what we have seen, there is no serious argument that can be made to oppose the impeachment of Donald Trump.

“This has the potential to diminish the message of unity that Joe Biden wishes to carry on the day of his swearing-in,” Lanny Davis adds, “and to bring out the cleavages and divisions he wishes to fight in order to put the future of the States – United on another path. “


On Wednesday, data from the Morning Consult poll carried out on behalf of Politico also took the measure of the heartbreak by revealing the fact that, if the new procedure for the impeachment of Donald Trump is supported by 53% of Americans, it also feeds the dividing line between the supporters of the two political parties: 90% of Democrats call for this sanction of Donald Trump’s behavior, against 80% of Republicans, who oppose it.

Signs of tension are already noticeable, especially among Republicans, where Ohio Representative Jim Jordan, a Trump loyalist, on Wednesday called for the resignation of his colleague Liz Cheney, representative of Wyoming, and number 3 in the party. , who had said the day before supporting the impeachment of the president. ” [Il] could have intervened immediately and forcefully to prevent the outburst of violence, she said in a statement. He did not do it. There has never been a greater betrayal by a President of the United States of his office and his oath to the Constitution. “

For Lanny Davis, this procedure aimed at condemning Donald Trump for his call for an insurgency will certainly allow the elected officials who are most loyal to him to resume their stick of partisan pilgrim in order to fuel the divisions from which they benefit politically. “A lot of Republicans don’t give a damn about being accomplices of the president, because their voters still remain loyal to Donald Trump,” he said. And these elected officials do not intend to cut themselves off from the support of these fanatics who believe in lies and conspiracy. “

Last week, 147 Republican elected officials in Congress, including 8 senators, sided with the president by refusing to confirm the legal election of Joe Biden, thus supporting the unfounded thesis of a fraudulent presidential ballot. “In this context of division, it will be necessary to maneuver skillfully to achieve both unity and the compromises necessary to achieve impeachment,” said Gary Sasse.

Difficult compromises. Even though he had indicated to relatives that an impeachment could help the Republican Party to get rid of Donald Trump, the leader of the Republican majority in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, refused on Wednesday to facilitate this process. He has indeed rejected the idea of ​​an emergency session of the Senate to hold the impeachment trial before Joe Biden takes office next Wednesday.


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