Wednesday, March 3

Harsh criticisms of Vara: Extremadura vaccinated with “prudence” in case there were “adverse effects”

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The president of the Junta de Extremadura, Guillermo Fernandez Vara, said on Wednesday that the region began the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 at a lower rate than desirable for “prudence.” The socialist is being harshly criticized for statements in which he slides doubts, at least initial, about the vaccine.

“This vaccine has been approved in an exceptionally short time and as public officials it was necessary to maintain prudence to see how the first vaccinated reacted,” he said at the press conference in which his government unveiled new restrictions and an economic plan for cope with the pandemic.

“We have understood -he argued-, from the rigor that has dominated our actions at all times, that it was good that the first days we waited to see the effects of the vaccine in the form of adverse reactions or collateral effects. Once we have verified that it does not there was no reaction, we have expedited the implementation of the vaccine. “

The former Minister of Health has joined the criticism Ana Pastor, who, sharing the video with Fernández Vara’s statements on Twitter, comments: “With forgiveness, I thought that the one who was evaluating the vaccine was the European Medicines Agency.”

The aforementioned, anticipating what could fall to him, already anticipated in his appearance that he “understands” and “assumes” the criticism, but stressed: “I confirm that it was the appropriate strategy to be prudent in the first days to make sure now that we can adopt a higher rate -of vaccination- without this going to have any type of circumstance “.

The region with the highest incidence

The Junta de Extremadura has been forced to tighten the measures against Covid-19. The data is alarming. Thus, it has decided to prohibit inter-municipal mobility in all localities in the region for one week, except for justified causes, and extends the closure of non-essential hotels and commerce to all municipalities with more than 5,000 inhabitants.

This Wednesday, Extremadura registered a new record of positive cases (1,381) and deaths (17) since the first wave ended. The region ranks as the community with the highest cumulative incidence in the country, with 1,076 and 650 cases per 100,000 inhabitants at 14 and 7 days, respectively.

In addition, “alert level three aggravated” is extended throughout the territory “for 28 days”, which means maintaining the curfew at 10 pm.

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