Thursday, January 21

Government crisis in Italy in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and his entire government are on borrowed time, deprived of a majority in parliament since Matteo Renzi’s decision to withdraw his party from the ruling coalition. The leader of the Italia Viva party indeed announced on Wednesday the resignation of two of his ministers and of an under-secretary of state:

“It is a press conference that we, Italia Viva, called to take stock of the political situation in the country and to announce the resignations of Teresa Bellanova (at Agriculture, editor’s note), Elena Bonetti (at the Family , editor’s note) and Ivan Scalfarotto (Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, editor’s note), as we announced in a letter to the President of the Italian Council. “

Without the 18 senators of Italia Viva, the government of Giuseppe Conte loses its majority in the upper chamber, but retains it in the chamber of deputies.

Several hypotheses have been put forward on the outcome of this crisis: Conte could ask for a vote of confidence in Parliament, hoping to obtain enough votes in the opposition to compensate for the departure of Renzi’s party, even if this option remains unlikely, the head of government believing he needs a “solid” majority without looking for “a voice here, a voice there”.

Another hypothesis could be for the Prime Minister to resign and get a new term from President Sergio Mattarella with a reshuffled team. Giuseppe Conte also spoke on Wednesday at his request with Sergio Mattarella. This reshuffle could be a way to appease Matteo Renzi by giving his party more important ministries.

While the pandemic has already killed more than 80,000 people in the Italian peninsula, Matteo Renzi criticizes the Prime Minister in particular for his health management which he describes as “lonely”, and he does not agree with his spending plan of more than 200 billion euros that the European Union must grant to Italy as part of its mega-recovery plan.

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