Thursday, January 21

Fernando Simón uses the Metro to get around Filomena: his trip by public transport

Fernando Simon, Director of the Center for Coordination and Alerts and Health Emergencies of the Ministry of Health, has resorted to public transport to overcome the limited mobility that has allowed the storm of snow Filomena. His image in the suburban has gone viral on the networks.

The director of CAES has decided go by Metro due to the difficulty of getting there by other transport The storm Filomena, during these days, has made communications difficult in the capital: the EMT bus service has been restored, but not completely; the back roads, five days after the snowfall, are still impassable …

Therefore, Fernando Simón has decided to go by Metro, This service has been in operation without interruption since the storm began, opening 24 hours a day, day and night, so that people from Madrid could go to their jobs.

One of the many Madrid people who travel saw it and decided to upload his photo to social networks. Fernando Simón, in the photo, appears sitting in the car with a free seat to his right. Something that has been applauded by many, who have seen in the gesture of the director of Caes, that of an ordinary person.

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