Friday, January 22

Destroy Trump: urgent … and probable

Every day new revelations worsen the impact of the assault on the Capitol, and the urgency of the president’s impeachment increases, as does his chances of success.

The more we learn about the events of January 6, the clearer it becomes that things could have been much worse.

It is also becoming conceivable that the leaders of the Republican Party could seize the opportunity to impeach the president and burst the abscess of Trumpism.

Worse and worse

Insurgents shouting “Pence must be hanged,” among other threats, stormed the chambers of Congress moments after the elected officials left, determined to take … hostages. Who knows how far they could have gone for the one who made them fight in the name of the lie that he implanted in their minds?

Not only does each new revelation amplify the seriousness of this pack’s actions, but it becomes increasingly clear that they were responding directly to Trump’s harangues.

The president yesterday appealed for calm and unity, but how can we take it seriously when you know that instead of ordering counterinsurgency intervention, Trump has spent hours watching it live, smiling at lips.


The defense arguments are remarkably weak, starting with the fiction that these violent Trumpists were far left activists in disguise.

Trump apologists claim he was only exercising his right to speak and did not explicitly order the violent actions that followed his call to fight. Nonsense. Trump knew these freaks were armed and they were just waiting for his signal to act.

Trumpists insist that impeachment is unnecessary since his presidency ends. Ridiculous. Imagine a drunk driver trying to convince a police officer that he shouldn’t be penalized since he’s almost home.

Obviously, a full investigation would have been desirable before yesterday’s vote, but enough was known to justify a trial in the Senate.

To burst the abscess

Trump’s supporters saturate debates with false equivalences.

For example, violent far-right groups explicitly support Trump, but violent groups linked to the far left have no sympathy for Joe Biden or his party.

Ten Republican officials yesterday supported the impeachment of the president and multiple sources confirm that Mitch McConnell, the leader of the Republicans in the Senate, would be willing to impeach the president.

McConnell is a shrewd strategist and if he has let his intentions slip, it is because he is probably convinced that he has enough votes from his colleagues to make Trump the first impeached president in American history.

If this is true, it means that the Republican leaders are determined to burst the abscess that Donald Trump has become for their party. It remains to be seen whether they will succeed in ridding themselves of the more insidious evil of authoritarian right-wing populism that still animates a significant part of its electorate.

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