Wednesday, April 14

Covid-19: towards new restrictions in France

France suspended from statements by Prime Minister Jean Castex. He must announce to the French this Thursday at 6 p.m. the new restrictions in the face of Covid-19. The 6 p.m. curfew could be extended to other departments or even generalized to the whole country. France entered a new phase of vaccination this week with the opening of registrations for those aged 75 and over.

Spain is facing the third wave of Covid-19. Since December 24, the number of people in intensive care has increased by 39%. The Minister of Health asks the population to scrupulously respect the measures to limit the spread of the virus. Spain also started to vaccinate its population at the end of December. One million doses have already been distributed.

At United Kingdom, the situation is bogged down with the highest number of deaths per day recorded since the start of the pandemic. Experts see it as a sign of a phenomenal failure of government “policies and practices”.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is under pressure. During a parliamentary committee he remained vague on the answer that will be given to a new variant of Covid-19 in Brazil.

Italy she also extended the state of emergency until the end of April when the spread of the virus shows no sign of slowing down. The state of emergency was to end at the end of January. It gives more power to the central government and therefore makes it easier for civil servants to bypass bureaucracy.

In Portugal a new curfew will begin on Friday.

Health experts estimate it would take eight weeks for the level of contamination to reach pre-holiday levels.

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