Monday, September 27

Covid-19 in China: 1st death and worst number of cases per day for 10 months, doubt sets in

China, the first country brought to its knees by the Covid-19 pandemic, rightly boasted of having reduced it to almost nothing … but it is showing its nose again in several provinces, and its resentment returns: she killed a person, announced the regime on Thursday, only one but which is enough to undermine the confidence of the health authorities and to cast doubt on the population traumatized by the first wave. Officially, this is the first death recorded for nearly eight month, i.e. May 2020.

By chance, the news comes when an international scientific team from the World Health Organization has finally arrived on site, and not just anywhere, in the now infamous city of Wuhan, where everything has started at the end of 2019. The 10 experts of different nationalities are tasked with trying to trace the thread to the origin of the scourge, but everywhere in the world, we are not under any illusions. As is the management of the WHO itself.

The first symbolic death was observed in the province of Hubei, which necessarily worries since this immense region surrounds the Chinese capital, Beijing, in which around 80 new contaminations have been identified, at least officially.

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