Wednesday, January 20

Corruption in Châteauguay: the Supreme Court refuses to hear the appeal of the entrepreneur Michel Bergevin

The Supreme Court of Canada refused to hear the case in which excavation contractor Michel Bergevin was found guilty of attempting to bribe the former mayor of Châteauguay, a suburb of Montreal.

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With this decision announced Thursday, Mr. Bergevin has therefore exhausted all his recourse to appeal his conviction.

The allegations date back to 2013, when the then mayor, Nathalie Simon, alerted the Permanent Anti-Corruption Unit after being offered $ 30,000. This imposing sum was offered to him by René Lafrance, a former municipal councilor who, in exchange, wanted to be appointed to the position of director of economic development for Châteauguay. However, the money came from a loan granted by Mr. Bergevin.

The contractor was found guilty in the Court of Quebec and was sentenced to two years probation and 240 hours of community service. He was also ordered to donate $ 2,000 to organizations in Châteauguay.

Mr. Bergevin then appealed the case to the Court of Appeal, without success, citing in particular the Jordan decision. On Thursday, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled not to hear the appeal. The highest court never discloses the reasons why it chooses whether or not to consider a case.

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