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Boudjahlat case: how the teacher found herself targeted by … unions

“A rectorate which supports a teacher victim of attacks orchestrated by unions. It’s the world upside down!” Exclaimed Fatiha Boudjahlat on January 12, after her interview with representatives of the Toulouse academy. The institution has, in fact, granted functional protection to this professor and essayist, known for her commitment to the defense of secularism at school, and in the grip of attacks from SUD Education 31 -65 and the CGT Educ’Action 31. A few weeks ago, these departmental union sections accused the young woman, known for her outspokenness, of “stigmatization” and “discrimination” against her students who ‘it would put “in danger” through some of its public positions. An unfounded questioning according to Mostafa Fourar, rector of the Toulouse Academy, who describes her as “a competent person and devoted to her profession”. “Madame Boudjahlat has always known how to maintain a seal between her militant activity, expressed on social networks, and her professional activity”, the latter confides to L’Express. A strong support for this professor of history and geography who has been working for 17 years in establishments in the pink city classified as priority education networks. This may, in particular, benefit from financial support from the institution in the event of legal proceedings.

Far from being anecdotal, this controversy is indicative of an ideological battle that is sometimes played out behind closed doors in the teachers’ room. The case begins before the Christmas holidays: an open letter, sent by SUD Education 31-65 and the CGT Educ’Action 31 to the rectorate of the Toulouse academy and to the departmental council of Haute-Garonne, denounces the content of some posts published by Fatiha Boudjahlat on social networks. On November 2, the day of the tribute paid to Samuel Paty in schools, the young woman related on Facebook: “It went well. The students were great. The only ones who refused to make the minute of silence, 5 out of 180, belong to the host class and come from abroad, near or far, but Arab-Muslim. ” Remarks inadmissible for some of these local union representatives. “They disclose sensitive information that can identify children in our care and duty to protect” and “they do not respect the obligation of professional discretion which requires not to publicly use information known in the exercise of its functions “, they write.

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