Saturday, January 16

Anti-racism commissioner in Montreal | A “questionable” choice, Quebec judge

(Quebec) Quebec considers “questionable” the choice of the City of Montreal to have appointed Bochra Manaï as anti-racism commissioner.

Hugo Pilon-Larose
Hugo Pilon-Larose

Prime Minister François Legault’s office on Thursday sent a statement to the media affirming that “the appointment of Manaï is questionable given his past positions and his personal crusade against the law on secularism ”.

“For us, this is a mistake on the part of the City of Montreal. The Quebec government is already making the fight against racism a priority, as evidenced by the report tabled last December, ”said the Prime Minister’s office.

The City of Montreal announced Wednesday that Bochra Manaï became the first commissioner for the fight against racism. This appointment sparked several debates, among others on social networks, while Manaï was involved in 2019 in the legal challenge to the Law on Secularism, known before its adoption as Bill 21.

Formerly spokesperson for the National Council of Canadian Muslims, Bochra Manaï holds a doctorate in urban studies and two master’s degrees, one in urban geography and the other in interethnic relations. She has also been involved in the community network in the past.

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