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Adrián Arturo Rodríguez is arrested for a shooting homicide

  • Adrián Rodríguez was arrested in Laredo, Texas, for being the alleged perpetrator of the first homicide of the year.
  • Rodríguez, 24, is accused of having shot and killed Juan Carlos Iruegas Jr., 21.
  • If convicted in a trial, Rodríguez could spend 20 to 99 years in jail.

Adrián Arturo Rodríguez was arrested in Laredo, Texas, accused of being the alleged perpetrator of the first homicide of the year in the city.

Rodríguez, 24, is charged by the Homicide Division of the Laredo Police Department (LPD) for having shot and killed Juan Carlos Iruegas Jr., 21.

The LPD noted in the case documents, consulted by MundoHispánico en Texas, that Rodríguez is responsible for the first murder in the southern border city of the state.

At 11:20 p.m. on Monday, January 11, 2021, several neighbors called the emergency number to report a shooting on Sunrise Courts Street in the southeast of the Laredo metropolitan area.

The first patrol cars to arrive on Sunrise Courts Street were alerted by neighbors that at the end of the road, a dead-end road, there was a man lying down and appeared to have been the victim of the shots.

In their testimony, troubled residents of Sunrise Courts told LPD officers that several detonations had been heard moments before and many thought it was some boys playing with fireworks.

Faced with any eventuality, the patrolmen who arrived at the scene called for reinforcements to check the street and the small dark nooks.

When the agents reached the end of the street, as the neighbors had told them, they found a young Hispanic man lying in a pool of blood and then the agents of the Homicide Division were called in.

Adrián Arturo Rodríguez, 24, was arrested for being the alleged perpetrator of the first shooting homicide in Laredo, Texas. (Photo: Webb County Sheriff’s Office)

The agents of the LPD Homicide Division identified the deceased today as Juan Carlos Iruegas Jr.

At the scene, agents from the LPD Homicide Division found several casings from a pistol that was the first clue that led to the arrest of the crime. In total, the agents recovered 8 caps.

On Tuesday morning, LPD officers returned to Sunrise Courts Street, a mobile home neighborhood, to re-interview neighbors and ask specific questions about the incident the night before.

Meanwhile, forensic experts were able to identify the weapon with which Juan Carlos Iruegas Jr. was killed, related to a case of aggravated assault with a fire mistress that occurred on Sunday, November 28, 2020.

Juan Carlos Iruegas Jr., 21, was shot to death in Laredo, Texas, but the motive for the crime is unknown until now by authorities. (Photo: Courtesy of the Iruegas Family)

Thanks to the victims of the first incident in November last year, the agents were able to identify Adrián Arturo Rodríguez as the person allegedly responsible for that shooting and the similarity of the weapon connected him to the second scene.

In the search for Adrián Arturo Rodríguez, the agents received information that the man was hiding from the authorities at one point in Laredo, although the source did not reveal where he was.

Based on the arrest warrant for the shooting last November, the agents of the LPD’s Homicide Division went to all the motels in Laredo to find out if an administrator could pick up the fugitive Adrián Arturo Rodríguez.

After checking the city’s motels, the agents arrived at the Motel Highway 59, 2500 East Saunders Street, where the administrators recognized the image of Rodríguez as one of their guests.

Adrián Arturo Rodríguez, seeing the LPD agents outside his room, surrendered to the officers without offering resistance. Rodríguez is already in prison Webb County accused of the homicide of Iruegas Jr. and the charge of assault with a firearm. The only thing that the authorities do not know so far what was the motive for the crime.

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