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Toronto: Félix-Antoine Tremblay’s favorites

Last summer, during the deconfinement, actor and host Félix-Antoine Tremblay left to explore Toronto as part of the program 99 reasons to love, currently broadcast on Évasion. From the historic streets of Cabbagetown to the alleys of the Hockey Hall of Fame, the shoot took him to 99 must-see spots in Queen City. Here are some of his favorites.

Félix-Antoine Tremblay admits it straight away: he hardly knew the Canadian metropolis before participating in the filming of the series 99 reasons to love, during which three personalities make us discover in turn the cities of Toronto, Montreal and Quebec. “It was really a nice surprise for me,” says the host of the show’s four episodes in Toronto.

“What struck me the most in Toronto was the richness of its culture,” he says. It’s so cosmopolitan, there are so many possibilities, it’s so multicultural, there are so many different neighborhoods! ” The actor cites the example of Little Ethiopia, a district which is only a few street corners, but where he was able to eat in one of “the best Ethiopian restaurants in the world”.

“There are so many people from all over the world who settle in Toronto and open a business or contribute to social life (…) Me, that’s one of the things that really got me the most. charm.”

“Gilligan’s Island”

In addition to this possibility of “traveling to every street corner”, certain places – known or unknown – were big favorites for Félix-Antoine Tremblay. Among these: Ward Island.

“It’s completely mind-blowing. There are 250 inhabitants, 250 houses on that island. You have the impression of being on Gilligan’s Island, in the sense that there is really a social microclimate completely disconnected from the city. ”

Ward Island is part of the Toronto Islands, a small archipelago that can be reached in 10 minutes by ferry from the city center.

“The houses on Ward Island are never for sale because it works by succession only,” says the native Saguenéen, who visited the area with a resident. Unless you have someone in your family who has a house on it, you have to put yourself on a waiting list … and there is a 25-year wait. “

“It’s completely beautiful, it looks a bit like London,” he continues. There is also pride on this island, a spirit of community that is not at all linked to the great metropolis as we know it. ”

The Aga Khan Museum

The Aga Khan Museum is also a big must-see for the actor, who says he always puts at least one museum on his schedule when traveling. This Toronto institution, dedicated to Islamic arts and culture, traces more than 1000 years of history of Muslim civilizations.

If he was fascinated by the collections, the host also liked the isolated site where the museum is located. “It’s a kind of big, big, super architectural lot, with ponds, fountains,” he recalls. I really recommend [cette visite]. “

The CN Tower Edge Walk

Another suggestion? “I can’t miss the CN tower,” says Félix-Antoine Tremblay, who experienced the Edge Walk there, a promenade located 356 m above the ground, which you walk through suspended from cables. . “You walk on the tower, above the void. Of course it’s absolutely beautiful, with Lake Ontario as far as the eye can see. ” This is a must-see for those who appreciate attractions and thrills, the traveler believes. “It’s really trippy!”

For a getaway

Among the host’s other discoveries: Graffiti Alley, an alleyway filled with murals and urban artwork; several restaurants (including a certain Irish pub in Cabbagetown to discover in the series); the Hockey Hall of Fame (“I’m not even a hockey fan and managed to get chills!”); and, more generally, the architecture which offers a contrast between history and modernity.

“I discovered a city where I intend to return when I have the opportunity to leave for two or three days to do a little road trip, get a change of scenery and eat in restaurants, concludes Félix-Antoine Tremblay. The little road trip that you do sometimes in New York, well, you can do it in Toronto and for sure there will be plenty to discover. ”

99 reasons to love: Mondays, at 8 p.m., on Évasion, from January 4 to March 22, 2021,

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