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This will be the return of ‘Cuéntame’: the Spain of 1992 and the jump to 2020 to talk about COVID-19

It seems impossible to innovate after 20 years and almost 400 episodes on the air. Tell me how it happened he has succeeded. The series starring Imanol Arias and Ana Duato will make history in its twenty-first season: the folkloric drama will jump to the present for the first time to portray the arrival of the coronavirus in Spain. It is not the only novelty of a new installment of 20 episodes that can be seen in two batches. In this season, the chapters last 60 minutes and they will be broadcast, or at least La 1 has promised it, at an earlier time: 10:15 p.m.

Halfway between 1992 and 2020

The season starts on February 7, 1992, date of the 66th birthday of Antonio Alcántara. The celebrations of the Barcelona Olympics and the Seville Expo, the capital of culture in Madrid and the economic and social crisis of the time are some historical episodes that it will address Tell me in the new chapters. The personal plots of the favorite television family of Spaniards since 2001 will be centered on the reconciliation (or not) of the Alcántara marriage, María’s sentimental triangle or an unexpected return from Toni’s sentimental past.

Throughout the season we will see numerous temporary leaps into the future to tell how the Alcántara – and, therefore, Spain – face the coronavirus. At 90 years old, Antonio’s life will be threatened after being infected with COVID-19, as the first trailer of the season progressed. Imanol Arias, Ana Duato, Irene Visedo and Pablo rivero they will continue to play their characters thanks to the help of prosthetic makeup.

Carlos Hipólito and Silvia Abascal are the new Carlos and María

Carlos Alcántara returns to San Genaro years after leaving the neighborhood to move to New York. The one who returns will be Carlos Hipólito, not Carlos Cuevas. The narrator of the series will appear for the first time on screen to give life to the aging version of the writer, who from the present will be very aware of his family while following the advances of the virus. Silvia Abascal also joins the series to be the -even more- adult version of María, a 48-year-old doctor who is on the front lines against the disease.

In the 2020 timeline, the Alcántara’s grandchildren -Oriol and Santi- will be played by Borja Fano and Jan Cornet (The Skin I Live In). Other confirmed signings are Lola Baldrich (Family doctor), Martxelo Rubio (Goenkale), Paula Back (Hispania, the legend), Carlos Serrano-Clark (also in the imminent Castamar’s kitchen), Francisco Reyes (Riot gear) and Roger Berruezo (Gavilanes) will complete the pool of additions for the series’ 21st season.

An unexpected return

The new chapters will also bring the unexpected return of Anna Allen. The actress who gave life to Marta Altamira for more than forty episodes returns to Tell me how it happened next season after he left the neighborhood in 1976, 16 years after the events that we will see this year. The actress retired from public life in 2015 when it became public that he had invented an international career that had never taken place. In 2019 Allen reappeared by surprise in the third season of Paquita Salas. Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo They wrote a plot inspired by their traumatic experience and, a year later, the actress had a cameo in the Netflix comedy playing the actress who brought to life in fiction the character that had inspired her own story. A few months ago, he met again with “the Javis” in an episodic appearance on Poison.

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