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The president of Murcia prohibits by decree social gatherings between people who do not live together

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End to social gatherings in which citizens who do not live under the same roof participate. The Murcian president, Fernando Lopez Miras, has appeared on the afternoon of this Wednesday to announce that such meetings will be prohibited by decree because the citizens who participate in them remove their masks and those meetings that occur at home and in leisure time are the origin of the 78% of coronavirus infections that are taking place during the third wave in the Region of Murcia.

López Miras returns to give a twist to the restrictions After this Wednesday the Ministry of Health reported that the Christmas hangover had claimed another 2,002 positives for coronavirus in the last 24 hours: a new record since the statistical series of the pandemic began. The evolution of contagions is so worrying that the session of the Governing Council scheduled for Thursday has advanced to the day of this Wednesday to meet with the Covid Monitoring Commission and announce this new restriction that is articulated in a decree.

“The situation is worrying and requires strong measures to stop contagion”, stressed the regional president before announcing the content of a decree that will come into force this Thursday and that prohibits social gatherings between non-partners, which until now were limited to six people. “Social encounters will only be allowed between cohabitants of the same address, both inside and outside public and private spaces.” Even in private vehicles, only people who share the same roof can travel.

The decree will remain in force for 14 days. “This measure affects all non-regulated social activity”, he has specified in a didactic way. This restriction will only contemplate a series of exceptions that have been detailed by López Miras: such as extended coexistence units – minors who live alone or common-law couples who do not share a residence -, the care of dependent people and the elderly, as well as activity in places of worship, sports facilities, cinema and theater.

The president has appealed on more than two occasions to the “unity of action” of all the citizens of the Region of Murcia to stop the data of the third wave of coronavirus that is preying on the youngest sector of the population: mainly among 17 and 34 years old. In addition, in fourteen nursing homes there are 254 elderly people diagnosed with Covid.

“We cannot allow a few for their selfishness to drag us into a situation of extreme danger,” he warned in a serious tone. Another message that he has repeated several times is to reduce social interactions to a minimum: “Staying home saves lives.”

Asks for “leadership” from the Government

The appearance of the head of the Murcian Executive took place after the meeting of the Interterritorial Health Council in which the Autonomous Community of Murcia has asked the Ministry of Health to advance the vaccination of the elderly, over 80 years of age, who reside in private homes. López Miras has asked “leadership” from the president of the central Executive, Pedro Sanchez, after denouncing that in Spain “the virus is being fought in 17 different ways.”

According to López Miras, “the Government of Spain has delegated the management of the pandemic to the second and third waves.” To questions from EL ESPAÑOL about whether he believes it necessary for President Sánchez to establish a new home confinement that lasts only a few weeks to contain the third wave, he has insisted on the same idea: “I believe that the Government of Spain must carry out effective coordination and not be missing. Beyond the legal formula, we miss country decisions. “

The Murcian president has given as an example the leadership that other European leaders are exercising, such as Angela Merkel in Germany. “I think we would all be more efficient if we worked hand in hand,” he settled after minutes before he had lamented the loss of time in the Interterritorial Health Council this Wednesday. “It was a new missed opportunity for compact and effective action.”

The British strain

The Health Minister, Manuel Villegas, has accompanied the Murcian president during his appearance and has ruled out that the appearance of the first case of the British strain in the Region of Murcia is behind the increase in infections registered after Christmas. This situation has forced to place the Autonomous Community in Phase 2 due to the risk of collapse of the health system, as well as to order the closure of the hotel industry in 36 of the 45 municipalities.

For his part, the Secretary General of the PSRM, Diego Conesa, has warned that “the situation is totally out of control in the Region of Murcia.” Further, has asked the regional government to suspend all non-essential activities and close sports facilities, libraries, museums, cultural spaces, as well as study rooms.

Conesa has urged all municipalities governed by the Socialist Party to suspend all non-essential activity while it has once again insisted on the need for the Autonomous Community to toughen its measures: “The health of the one and a half million inhabitants of the Region is in game”.

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