Thursday, January 21

Donald Trump’s second “impeachment” is validated by the House of Representatives

Donald Trump on Wednesday became the first president of the United States to be indicted a second time by the House of Representatives, who sent him to trial in the Senate for having “incited an insurrection” during the assault on the Capitol by his supporters.

All Democrats and ten Republicans voted in favor of this second historic “impeachment” in a federal capital under high tension. In total, the indictment received 232 votes against 197.

Hundreds of Donald Trump supporters stormed the Capitol a week ago, protesting against the validation of the November 3 presidential results. And it was Donald Trump’s calls, which fueled their anger and violence, which motivated this impeachment process.

The American President tried to call for calm in the end, but too late, the images of violence and vandalism at the very heart of American democracy shocked the country and its political class. Many Republicans have taken up this week for a new impeachment of Donald Trump.

For this session, the issue of security was paramount and the soldiers were mobilized in large numbers.

The trial of Donald Trump, by senators, is expected to take place after he leaves the White House on January 20.

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